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Yuna Kim's James Bond

Updated on November 5, 2016

Yuna Kim in 2009

James Bond

Musicians are known by their music, so skaters by their programs. Just as singers are remembered by their hit songs, so skaters by their representative programs. But unlike singers, it is rare to tie a skater with multiple programs. Rather, even if a skater produced just one masterpiece in his or her life time, that would be not a small achievement. Janet Lynn, who left the unforgettable legacy in the ladies figure skating history, is known for Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun in 1970. Katarina Witt, who won two Olympic golds, is always remembered by a long program she performed in the 1988 winter Olympics, which was known as Battle of the Carmens. But as far as Yuna Kim, who retired shortly after the 2014 Sochi Olympics, is concerned, it is difficult to pick one program for her. Kim left several masterpieces in fact. Scheherazade, Dance De Macabre, James Bond, Les Miserable, to name a few. Among them, James Bond is perhaps one of the most successful programs.

Yuna Kim in 2009

James Bond, a performing art

When Kim began to skate to this popular film song for her short program, she was only 18 year old. What is remarkable about this program is perhaps choreography, meticulously packed with definitive and interpretative moves. You may not even feel that it's actually made for competition. Although many think that Kim's James Bond is a modern, film-based, and commercially designed program, its contents are arguably one of the most intricate and sophisticated masterpieces of all time. Probably, it's the most advanced short program ever designed and performed, especially for competition. Although skaters are able to make an outstanding performance, often due to a fact that a short program lasts only 2 minutes and 30 seconds only, so it's less demanding than a long program, James Bond is by no means to easy to skate to. Kim's James Bond flaunts its pristine quality as Kim has actually transformed the program into a complete piece, not overly technical or overly interpretative.

Yuna Kim in 2009

James Bond: an inspiration for short program

Kim in a dazzling costume stands, her both arms raised in a seductive posture. On cue, Kim begins to stroke away, circling around the board. Right before takeoff, Kim is already at full throttle. She takes off. Up in the air, Kim spins like a tornado, flaunting immaculate precision. She lands flawlessly on her first triple-triple, and never a moment does she falter. The rest is history. All her moves are seamlessly executed lining up with musical interpretation. Her double axel is perhaps one of the finest one ever done. Her footwork is such a gem. Kim's performance simply defies all the technical nitpicking. It is a performing art in display.

What do you think is the most remarkable elements in James Bond?

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Yuna Kim in 2010


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    • profile image

      remedy 2 years ago

      jess! most of your multiple question had more than one answer. just my thought btw

    • profile image

      Skyler Kim 3 years ago


      There is a Korean skater named Sohyun An. She is a novice skater (12 years old) but I see great potential. Her jumps are much more solid than the Russians,, and she has the elegance the reminds me of Yuna Kim's junior days. Please watch one of her videos, will you? Thanks. Please email me after you watch her videos,

    • profile image

      remedy for mao 3 years ago

      lol robz? the problem for mao is she never had one good 3a in her entire career. she can only do 2 jump types let alone facts she can't do 3-3. flip and lip disqualification? lol

      just lol yuna's perfect flip being lip=difference in 4 degree edge axis and mao's flip= turn 90 degree and hit the toe pick THEN turn another 90 degree. do you even call this flip? just check sochi and 14 world slomo for mao it is just pure joke. and you start talking about lip?

      BTW jess already score for mao for 14 world short. lol so you are the one to check that thing again. 70? lol more like 63 with 2 broken jumps and jumior reclycled program.

    • profile image

      rz7 3 years ago

      Check the record books again, the current holder is way way way better than this. One good 3A is harder than any possible 3-3.

      Also, the overlooked lip on the flip disqualifies this from "greatest of all time". And Danse Macabre is far less cheesy and cringe-worthy.