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Z-Man ElaZtech Fishing Lure Review

Updated on July 8, 2014

Built From Something Different...

Z-Man ElaZtech soft-plastic baits are genuinely unlike any other plastic baits on the market. This is mainly due to the fact that they are not manufactured with a petroleum base, as are almost all the other baits on the market. Instead they are manufactured with elastasol, a unique substance that produces a supple softness, superior stretch, & extreme durability (Up to 10X more durable than traditional soft-plastic lures). This means you get more bang for your buck, and more fish per bait. ElaZtech contains no PVC, plastisol or phthalates, and is non-toxic, which is also better for the environment, and important to me and other anglers.

Z-Man - The Science & Art Of Fishing

The Unique Features & Properties Of This Bait...

I already mentioned the supple softness of this bait... but what does that really mean? Well, for myself and other anglers it simply means better hook-sets, and hook-up ratios, because the hook penetration is that much quicker and easier. This fact alone makes this bait an absolutely winner in my book, and has produced countless lunkers.

The unique formulation of this bait also means that it has superior stretch, resistance to nics/cuts, and is almost also tear resistant. That means that less time is spent re-rigging and repairing baits, and more time fishing. Not to mention the money it will save you, when you are catching more fish per bait.

The baits are also buoyant, meaning they float. Now this is not true for all formulations of z-man products, but is for most. This also is advantageous because it keeps parts of your bait off the bottom (like crayfish claws, and worms on Carolina rigs), which provides a more lifelike presentation (due to less movement restriction) and again better hook-sets.

Visual(s) & Facts About The Baits

Flambeau K-Series Storage Containers

Unique Challenges Surrounding The Baits...

There are a few challenges surrounding the baits; however, I will tell you right now the Pros definitely outweigh the Cons.

The first negative is storage. Because these baits have a unique chemical formulation and properties and are unlike any PVC and petroleum based baits on the market, they cannot be stored with any other type of soft-plastic lure. When they come in contact with PVC/Petroleum based baits, they will actually "melt" both themselves, and the other baits, creating quite a mess. Because most storage boxes are also comprised of PVC and Petroleum, these baits also will warp and melt the actual storage containers they are in - so it's best to keep them in their original packaging, or find a non-petroleum based storage container ( The best one for me has been the Flambeau K-Series storage containers - as they do not react with ElaZtech baits).

The second negative is that these baits do not do well in the hot sun or heat. In other words, you can't leave them in the hot sun, or on your boat deck, because they will again sort of "melt." Most of the time these baits do just fine in ordinary sun, but it's best to keep them out of direct sunlight.

Lastly, the same properties that make them utra-soft and stretchy, might also create "hooking" and "rigging" challenges. For example, cork-screws and other such fasteners are impossible to twist into the baits, because they will simply spin-out, or pull out. Straight hooks simply slide up and down the bait, with nothing to catch, do to the overall softness of the bait. The good news is, there are plenty of reliable hooks on the market, not equipped with "grip-pins," that work perfectly for this bait (better than the hooks Z-man manufactures for their baits in my opinion). Once you find the rigging setup that works for your style of fishing, these baits are worth their weight in gold!

Super Durable Baits!

Have You Tried & Had Success With Z-Man Products?

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