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ZNKRs Sei Tei Iai

Updated on September 5, 2012

What is Sei Tei Iai

These tree words are probably the first which a new Iaidoka will hear. Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Iai , is shortened Sei Tei Iai or Zen Ken Ren Iai, is the group of basic Iaido kata, which are practiced identically all over the world. They were established with the thought to keep on to old Japanese traditions. The present Sei Tei Iai consists of twelve kata, which are being used at examinations as an obvious valuation parameter. The Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Iai has been established in 1969, when the first seven kata were chosen, these have their origin in the Koryu kata of the Muso Shinden Ryu, Muso Eishin Jikiden Ryu and Hoki Ryu style. The next three kata were added in 1981 and the final two kata from the present twelve in 2000. All together they are an entrance gate to the world of Iaido. They teach a young Iaidoka top work with his body, coordinate his movements and understand the meaning of the kata. They represent an imaginary gate behind which the way of the sword is waiting. To master this primary group is imperative for a further improvement on the way, which many Iaidoka start to walk on. Our goal always has to be a perfect execution, what we accomplish never should be enough because there will always be something more to learn, the one who thinks he has reached perfection is not a real Iaidoka. The Zen Nippon Renmein Iai is the primary school of Iaido, it will prepare us for the practice of Koryu kata, which expect a level of understanding the situation and Iaido techniques.

Ipponme – Mae
Nihonme - Ushiro
Sanbonme - Uke Nagashi
Yonhonme - Tsuka Ate
Gohonme - Kesa Giri
Ropponme - Morote Tsuki
Nanahonme - Sanpo Giri
Happonme - Gan Men Ate
Kyuhonme - Soete Tsuki
Jupponme - Shiho Giri
Jyuipponme - Sou Giri
Jyunihonme - Nuki Uchi

All of them follow a precisely set scenario and explanation of movements, nothing is accidental and thoughtless, even the smallest movement can decide of success or defeat, in old Japan of life and death. The space for variations is very small, despite that, every good Sensei would tell you, that it is important to add something own to the practice, this will finally give life to the kata and make it believable. As one of the Sensei uses to say: "It is important bring light and shadow into your Kata, to bring it to life."

Sei Tei Iai Tachiwaza Muso Shinden Ryu (peformed by Robert Kulcsar Nidan)


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