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A Great Basketball Tradition And A Retarded One

Updated on April 6, 2012

I was at the texas vs michigan state game in december of 2009. Texas played great and won a thriller 79-68 but it was the behavior of the Erwin Center crowd which left the most lasting impression. At one particular junction of the game the cheerleaders pointed to one side of the arena and the fans chanted the word "TEXAS". The cheerleaders pointed to the opposite side of the arena and the fans chanted the word "FIGHT". The chant then went back to the first group with "TEXAS" then back to the second group with "FIGHT". You can imagine what happened next.

At that moment i realized just how sad the fan base at the University of Texas is when it comes to basketball. I mean really Texas basketball has been around since 1906 and in 103 years i have to sit there and listen to something comparable to ring around the rosie. Maybe the years from 1950-1976 when Texas failed to ever make the Associated Press Top 20 led to apathy among fans. But really there are people at that institution, including myself, who study mathematics at the doctorate level. Maybe we should take a moment or two to come up with something slightly more sophisticated than "Texas fight".

Perhaps Texas could come up with the 6th man. A non scholarship player designated only to jump ball at the outset of every game and then be taken out at the first stoppage of play. Or maybe something like they do in College Station whenever the opposing teams coach is arguing with officials. The fans collectively shout with authority "SIT DOWN BUS DRIVER". What a simple yet very creative way to insult the other team. You can envision how once upon a time an opposing team rolled into town with the coach behind the wheel of the bus. And someone then decided to share the information with everyone else assembled a few hours later at the game. Who was that person and where is he now? Some people at Texas who like to tell aggie joke after aggie joke would like to meet you. They like to think they hold some kind of superiority but for those folks in this case the jokes on you.


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