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A Guide to Different Basketball Backboard Types

Updated on August 16, 2012

Basketball Backboard

The whole purpose of a basketball game is scoring points by shooting the ball into the goal and stopping the other team from scoring points.

Basketball backboard – the raised vertical board with an attached basket – acts as an anchor to a basketball goal and serves as the rebounding surface for the ball. Considering the force with which the ball hits the backboard that acts as rebounding surface for the ball, backboard needs to be very strong and sturdy.

Depending on the material used for construction, basketball backboards are of different types. You can pick the one that suits your needs well. Cost also plays a crucial role in deciding the quality of the basketball backboard viz backboards made up of wood are far cheaper than that of custom fiberglass.

Types of Backboards Based On Material

Tempered Glass Backboards – Tempered Glass Backboard, for its strength, consistency (will not chip or dent) and best rebound ability, is the prime choice for competitive leagues. These are one of the highest quality backboards and are sold at high prices.

Acrylic Backboards -- Cast acrylic backboards are known for their sturdiness. It is a good choice for those who are looking for something economical as well as durable. However, they are not preferred for the NBA as they do not rebound the ball well. Acrylic is also prone to scratches and is not as durable as glass backboard.

Polycarbonate Backboard – Polycarbonate backboard is considered as more durable than acrylic backboard and is a great choice for inground basketball goals. It is known for its durability and strength.

Plastic Backboards – Plastic backboard is the most economical option of all backboards and is ideal for the beginners. These basketball backboards are weather resistant but lack good rebound ability.

Other Backboard Materials – Basketball backboards made up of other material including aluminum, fiberglass, steel, and eco-composite are also available in the market. Though these backboards provide less crisp rebounds, they are known for being cost-effective, more portable, corrosion-resistant, and vandal-resistant.


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