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A Start Guide To Jogging

Updated on October 14, 2013

A Start Guide To Jogging

This lens is about the basics of how to get yourself out there jogging. how to work yourself to a jog but starting with walking involved, making it a little easier to build up.

This lens is focused on helping people who have never jogged or want to jog to achieve this. This lens is also based on personal experience.



A lot of people over think jogging, if it's not something they normally do they put too much thought into what they expect of themselves and others of them.

Learning to jog is not as bad as can be believed it's simply the way you work to achieve the results that has the most impact. It's like anything you do though once your doing it you have to stick to it so you don't revert back to finding it hard again.

When starting out i'm not going to say you have to go all out and have jogging clothing and all the gear because you don't need them. The only thing I would recommend is some running trainers as they are needed to support you in your task and aid you. So a decent pair of running trainers will not go a miss.


Running Trainers

Get some Running trainers here. Get your shoes off and trainers on and burn up the road.

Why Not The Treadmill?

Some people tend to take to the treadmill which can feel a little easier and help improve your cardio but it lacks alot of what you get when you're out there road running.

when on a treadmill you don't use all the same muscles as when on the road, the muscles that you use to push off on when road running are left unused on the treadmill. Going from running on a tread mill to a road will make a noticeable impact.



Hydration is important when you're running, just small sips now and again while you're walking might help you stay cool and fresh and also affects your performance .

Getting Started On Your Jogging

Okay you should start with a distance thats not too long but long enough to gain some benefit. I would say 2 to 3 miles, it sound's longer than it is. It sounds simple but we're going to adopt the walk/jog tactic so if you have a watch to hand you can wear that.

Depending on how you want to start time wise you need to pick how long you want to walk for for example, you walk for 1 minute then you slow jog for 30 seconds, or you can walk for 2 minutes and slow jog for 1 minute ( By slow I mean a pace that's comfortable for you where you can a still breathe and speak. A pace where you can feel it a little, but not too much otherwise you just want to stop).

You should do this 3 time a week the first week as not to tire yourself to much. The second week you should do this same routine again but do it 4 times this week. On week 3 you should jogging to 45 seconds but keep your walking for a minute do this 4 time in the week again.

By now you should be getting a bit of a feel for jogging and not aching so much from doing it. On week 4 and 5 we are going to do 45 seconds jogging and 30 seconds walking and this is four times a week.

Week 6 and 7 you are goin to jog for 2 minutes and only walk for 30 your body should be adjusting to the jogging and should be feeling a lot beeter when doing so.

Okay week 8 this is a big week as this is the first time we are going to jog the whole way keep it slow and steady and just relax in to it and do this 4 times a week and keep it going.


iPod Band

Depending on what you're wearing you might not have a pocket to put your iPod into if you like or need your music to run ( I do ). Having an iPod band means you can have it strapped to your arm instead of trying to carry it with you in your hands.


After this you can start picking up your pace if you wish or jogging for a minute then picking up the pace for 30 seconds or just keep it as it is. It's up to you how you proceed from here.

Another way to increase your speed instead of setting time limits is for you to set yourself visual target like a lamppost and increasing your speed until you reach the lamppost then slowing down after reaching it.

I hope this has being helpful.

image source-sportsdrinkrecuperation

Monring And Night Time Jogging

I jog myself but don't notice to much of difference theirs a slight one for me. But everyone different and speaking to a fellow squid member on a forum made me want to see if any one else notices this. If you notice a difference Feel free to comment on what.


Do You Notice A Difference When Jogging In The Morning To NIght

See results

Sweat Bands

Sweating while running will happen, even in winter, and can sometimes work its way into your eyes. You can wear either a head sweat band or one on your wrist where you can just wipe your head with it.

write your thoughts here thanks.

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    • BeginnersFriend65 profile image

      BeginnersFriend65 5 years ago

      Thanks for your lens. I like to go out for a bit of a run and I think your tips for the beginner are spot on. I would disagree slightly with your comments on treadmills however. Although I totally agree that nothing beats getting out to do your running, the treadmill can be a great backup when time or weather is against you.

    • profile image

      sandra65 5 years ago

      this is a great lens

    • espio007 profile image

      espio007 5 years ago

      @audioslaved19771: I too find jogging to refresh or invigorate me, making me feel as though I have more energy afterwards.

    • audioslaved19771 profile image

      audioslaved19771 5 years ago

      Jogging is very important to our health aside from walking alone. I feel very much alive all day after a 1 mile jog.