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Adjustable Skates for kids

Updated on August 19, 2015

SFR Adjustable skates allow kids to skate as they grow!

One of the best gifts a child can have is a pair of skates, whether they are quad skates or inline skates. Skating is a great form of exercise and it's lots of fun! Kids can go skating together so it's a great social sport, as well as something they can do on their own. It's something they can enjoy practicing and getting better at!

Children's feet grow fast so you don't want to spend money of skates, just to have to get new ones within a year or two. Adjustable skates are the solution! They wont last forever, but they will allow for growth and last longer than fixed size skates.

SFR Skates
SFR Skates

About SFR

Multi skate brand for everyone!

SFR skates have something for everyone. In this lens I'm only talking about skates for children, but if you want to find something that you might like for yourself, or older children then check out the links list at the bottom of the page for details on how to find out more.

Adjustable Inline Skates - They don't have to be bulky and unattractive!

SFR Camden Inlines
SFR Camden Inlines

The Camden inline skates have clean styling with canvas uppers for a fun fashionable look!

BOOT: Childrens premium adjustable soft boot with ultra comfort liner and canvas material upper


64 x 24mm for size Small

70 x 24mm for size Medium

72 x 24mm for size Large



S 8J - 11J

M 12J - 2J

L 3J - 6J

SFR Lightning Storm - Adjustable quads

SFR Lightning Storm
SFR Lightning Storm

Children's adjustable two piece hard quad skate. Comes in 3 colours.


54 x 36mm 82A PU Cast with alloy wheel style core

Chassis: Nylon Hi-Impact with aluminum trucks

Bearings: ABEC-5

Stoppers: PU Cast with easily replaceable bolts


S: 8J - 11J

M: 12J - 2J

L: 3J - 6A showing the SFR Cyclone Adjustable Tri Skates

Here is a little video about some of SFR's adjustable inline skates. talking about SFR Racing Storm Adjustable Quads

A little review about some of SFR's adjustable quad roller skates.

A huge range

There are actually quite a lot of adjustable skates to choose from, all designed and manufactured by SFR. Simply yping "SFR adjustable skates" into Google will bring up a lot of results, including many stockists!

Useful Links - For more info and to purchase the mentioned skates

Here are just some places that you can get more info about these skates and also a few of the stockists.

Please note that there are many more SFR stockists around the world.

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