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Aerobic Twisting Stepper

Updated on February 2, 2015

Aerobic Stepper

Physical activity is very important to overall physical and metal health. But when it takes a lot of effort to travel to a gym, the incentive to exercise diminishes. Therefore, finding fantastic equipment that will allow you to work from home is very important.

I suffer from chronic fatigue, so it is extremely important for me to stay active. Then I found the Brookstone twisting stepper. For just over $100, I now have a compact machine at home. The energy barrier to working out has been significantly reduced. In this lens, I will share with you a bit about what I love about the stepper, and what the problems are. There will be little technical information, more of what I have to share is based on my personal accounts.

Aerobic Twisting Stair Stepper - by Brookstone

Aerobic Twisting Stair Stepper
Aerobic Twisting Stair Stepper

The quality of exercise is fantastic with this machine. I dislike jogging with a passion. It is hard on my knees, and I end up in pain afterwords. The brookstone stepper provides me with an impact free method of exercise. I can pull it in front of my TV or computer to be entertained as I exercise. It is shocking that a machine this small can make me sweat so much!


Strength training and a cardio workout in one incredibly compact unit.

Official Product Description

The sturdy BodyForm® Cardio Fitness Stepper from Brookstone® lets you create a home gym even with limited space. Twin resistance cords tone your upper body, while the swiveling stepper platform tightens inner thighs and hips. Just curl or raise your arms as you step and twist your lower body--for a complete cardiovascular and muscle-toning workout. The built-in LCD screen displays steps taken, workout time and calories burned, so you can follow your progress. -Brookstone Official Description

Extended Warranty Option

Brookstone Protection Plus

You absolutely want to get the extended warranty. If you use the stepper 4 times a week for 20-30 min in each exercise session, eventually the machine will wear out. I have had the welding on the metal frame split. (NOTE: this was never close to causing any kind of injury. It just makes it impossible to use the machine.) Twice I have had the metal bar that the stepper pushes against snap in half. (In one I was able to replace this bar with another steel bar, but in the second stepper the interior was bent a bit into a V shape, making this impossible.

For stepper #1, I did not purchase a warranty because I wasn't sure how much I would actually like using it. Believe me, I got the extended warranty (for a total of 3 years) on the second stepper! Replacement was trivial, I took it to the Brookstone store, told them it broke, showed them the warranty and walked out with a brand new machine! (Mailing is also an option.)

Aerobic Twisting Stepper Features

include a timer which stops after 4 seconds of no movement, distance traveled and calories burned.

What do you do to exercise at home?

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    • ChemKnitsBlog2 profile image

      ChemKnitsBlog2 6 years ago

      @hotbrain: I like the stepper a lot because it is low impact, and that has been very helpful with my knees.

    • hotbrain profile image

      hotbrain 6 years ago from Tacoma, WA

      Great review! I use pilates bands to try to build up my muscle strength at home. I usually walk for exercise but lately I've been having foot pain.... If it doesn't go away, I'm sure going to have to find an alternative for aerobic exercise! SquidAngel blessed :)