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Best Air Rifles On The Market

Updated on September 18, 2014

Best Air Rifles For The Money

Air rifles are great fun and very useful. If you just want a bit of target practice or if you are serious about hunting small game then there is an air rifle for you. They are easy to maintain and use and you can get years of sport for a reasonable price.

I have been a huge fan since my dad introduced it to me in my teenage years. At some stage or other I think I have tried almost all the brands out there and certainly the leading brands like Gamo, Daisy and Crosman.

It is always a fun session for me to starting pinging a few targets. In this article I will bring you as much information as I can about what I consider to be the best range of air rifles in the market today and this will make it easy for you to select the best rifle for your needs.

Get Yourself An Air Rifle

I have to tell you how much I love air rifles. I have been around guns since i was a kid and think of myself as a pretty good shot. Recently i have started using my favourite air rifle more and more. Its great for hunting small game in the forest and is very easy and cheap to maintain. They are extremely easy to use and depending on what model you get they can be operated by virtually anybody.

Many people do prefer to use a shotgun for close range or a rifle for distant targets. An air rifle is something that can be used for in between these two. They are also much easier to handle and a good bit less dangerous,also they are great for kids to start learning on.

Contrary to popular belief some air rifles are extremely powerful and will take down most small or medium sized game. Another misconception is that they are not that accurate. Nothing could be further from the truth as some of the modern scopes make the rifles super accurate

The Great Value Daisy 880 Powerline Kit

If you are just starting out and a little uncertain as to which air rifle offers the best value, then I would suggest this is the one for you. It is a great looking gun and you also get all the kit that you need when starting out.

I believe that nothing is more important than your own safety and this one comes with safety glasses. Not only that but you get the scope and the rings along with a good amount of ammo.

880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch
880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch

Probably the best beginner kit in the market right now.

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle
Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

One of the most popular guns you can get


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The lubrication of any gun is critical if you want the gun to perform correctly and stamd the test of time. Lubrication of moving parts and seals ensures proper function and extends the life of any metal ar mechanical device. If you fail to use lubrication regularly, moving parts and seals will wear badly and a give your gun a shorter life span. Remember, before doing any maintenance always make sure your airgun is unloaded and un-cocked.

After around 1000 shots you will need to check and lubricate the breech seal, the mainspring, hinges and pivot points and the barrel. Regular care will ensure that you rifle will last as log as possible and its always important to maintain weapons of any type.

Benjamin air rifles

See the power of this Benjamin 22 rifle

Please feel free to leave any comments on my lens.

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