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3 Bike Hitch Rack

Updated on August 5, 2013

Allen Bike Rack Review

If you love cycling while touring in different places, you'll definitely need a bike hitch installed in the back of your car. These bike racks can efficiently mount the bicycles and carry them to any distant location or countryside you want. Mounting the cycles in the rooftop can be a hassle for you and hence you will need an efficient carrier. That's were the Allen Deluxe Bike Hitch steps in. So without further Adieu lets take a closer look and talk little more about it

Bike Hitch
Bike Hitch

The Allen Rack

The Man Behind It All

Dick Allen, the founder of the company worked on aerospace technology for the Apollo missions in 1967 that launched the U.S. and world to the moon. Allen had to give up his job due to Government cutbacks, so he turned his hobby into a full time business. He was a big cycling enthusiast and made some unique designs and accessory models. Allen was always looking for an innovative bike hitch for carrying his bikes during his regular weekend tours. At that time, he discovered a solution and today, most cyclists utilize his amazing concept of mounted Bike Hitch Rack. It's still considered to be the most dependable brand to go with. The company owns thirty six patents and sell it's products to over 20 countries around the world. It all started with a small garage and today, it's one of the biggest cycling accessories manufacturers in the industry.

Bike Hitch
Bike Hitch

Features Of The Allen 3 Bike Rack

* This Bike Rack has a convenient trailer hitch measuring 1.25 to 2 inches. The aerodynamics is perfect for setting up on the back of your car. The rack can be operated easily and mount 3 bikes with utmost security. You won't have to worry about your bicycles when you're driving at an speed of 130 MPH.

* The rack is made of sturdy steel materials. It features a special patented tie-down system owned by Allen himself. It prevents bumping of the mounted bikes even on the roughest trails. The rack requires minimal assembly and can be set up with 5 to 10 minutes after reviewing the manual. You can fold the carrier arms using a single pin mechanism under the rack and tilt the rack upwards when it's not in use. This means, you won't have to reinstall the rack each time you come back home after a weekend.

* These Bike Hitch racks have great visuals. They have smooth durable black coating finishes. The quality of the straps won't let you down anyway. Moreover, Allen's lifetime guarantee is with you. You won't have to worry about damages while using a product from Allen's.

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Bike Hitch
Bike Hitch

Allen Hitch Bike Rack..PROS and CONS

PROS: This Bike Hitch Rack can efficiently handle three bikes at a time. The long 16 inches carrier arms will keep the cycles hanging straight downwards. These racks feature unique designs and professional finishes. The black powder-coat finishing simply looks great on your car-back. The racks have individual cradles for the mounted bikes. The design comes with two different international patents: the tie-down mechanism and single pin folding-release technology. At the same time, the product requires minimal or almost no maintenance works and one can assemble it without being an expert.

CONS: The product is popular among cycling enthusiasts around the world. There have been a few discrete complaints about poor service quality, while some have complained about the pricing as well. But most users who have verified their purchases are extremely satisfied with the service and customer support from the company's end..

Bike Hitch
Bike Hitch

Allen 1.25 Bike Rack Round-up.

The Allen Bike Hitch has a relatively simple assembling process and a sturdy body structure that is perfect and very safe for mounting bikes on. Although some parts of the instruction manual can seem complex at times, It is pretty straight forward so just take your time when your assembling it and you will breeze through the process. Once The bike rack is secured the bikes are left sophisticatedly mounted on the rack without the use of any wired gears or guided straps and topped of with Allen's famous tie-down technology. A very cool little feature that individually secures and protects the bikes while in transit or parked up. All n All the Allen Deluxe Mounted Bike Rack is an excellent choice for any cycling enthusiast. Even if it is just for the security factor alone. And for the price you really cant go wrong

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    • squidoopets profile image

      Darcie French 4 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      Nice review of the 3 Hitch bike mount rack, many thanks