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Updated on July 10, 2016


Germany started with a 4-2-3-1 system with 4 flats at fullback medium more than before. While Poland fell to 4-4-2 / ​​4-4-1-1, combining proprietary and Lewandowski above.

Germany Failed to Break Poland Wall

It is not a very complex tactical fight, but it's tough tactical battle for Germany and requires discipline and focus high by Poland.

They try and make access and free flowing football by Germany to restrict the space and suppress the German player to survive in small space.

From the outset the German team failed to penetrate the defense of Poland with various rotations and tactical exchange.

Defence Poland is also very quiet in this match and a lot of situations they are still able to control the ball and play short passes in their own penalty area when the ball confiscated.

Before we look at Ukraine often panic with pressure by Germany but not Poland.

Poland's defense organization put at least 9 players behind the ball. Germany tried to break through the defense of the left wing and also half the space on the left.

This is done tackles chalkboard Poland and most often occurs in the right or the left side of the German attack.

After the deadlock but the German attempt from the right, Howedes is not a typical player who fits more ball play on the right.

Finally, the role of German converts Muller and Gotze to get results through a cross but the results remain the same.

In the first half, Germany had no shot on target. And this is the number of shots the whole German team is mostly done from outside the box.

Poland has a number of clearances that are very much in this match.

In one phase, Low target system using the classic man. But the pattern of the German game as if they still want to solve the persistent and less left to give focus to plan change to the crossing of the target man.

Consequently, there was no attempt Mario Gomez directly in this match.

Another factor is immune Poland, discipline and focus to always survive as a unit and should not try to avoid the foul.

Their coordination will always move to the center and focus of threat / action zone.

Poland managed to avoid many threats and dangers pass Germany in the final third. See the chalkboard below and you'll find very few passes that managed to get into the penalty box.

Arkadiusz Milik a thorn in

If he is calmer, Poland has been able to create a surprise. But these players are very hasty. The player who originally no.10, coupled with the Lewandowski as a second striker.

He missed his next chance points in 69 minutes and also lose ball too much as anxious to stress the German defense.

Finally, Lewandowski own screaming and 'scold' Held in situations he should choose to submit to the winger he is trying to do the splits pass.


Poland is the team that managed to get a positive result. German group mememnagi definitely want this match to prepare the next plan.

Germany also saved action-Hummel Boateng. Both of them contribute to three important defensive actions in this match that could potentially be scored by an opponent.

It is a difficult day for Germany. Low may have to consider Gotze as a false 9 in the next assignment.

Poland clearly gives a little wake up call kepda Germany. 3 teams in this group will define their position at the next round in the last match.

Man Of The Match

Lukasz Piszcek I voted as the best player stats
4/5 tackles successful (80%)
7 clearances
2 shortcuts



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