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Why is Cheryl Miller not more publicized for her contribution to women's basketball?

She's a pioneer of the game. Even the WNBA rarely speak of her achievements. Hers is the first name I think of when I think of women's basketball. I wore #31 when I began playing basketball in 6th grade (1978)! There are other greats that put women's basketball on the map,but Cheryl is not mentioned nearly as much as these other players.


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Brinafr3sh says

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3 years ago
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  • Tammy L Bond profile image

    Tammy Bond (Tammy L Bond) 3 years ago

    I knew she coached Phoenix WNBA team for a short while, but it seems like after that even the WNBA shunned her. But I definitely see where you're coming from. Thanks for your response.