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Aqua Jogging

Updated on April 7, 2014

Discover This New Fat Blasting Water Workout

Aqua jogging is a relatively unknown water based aerobic and resistance exercise program. Typically used by injured runners as a rehab workout, it's also called deep water running or just plain "jogging in the pool".

The primary attraction to aqua jogging is it's no impact! You can get a great workout and give your aching knees, ankles, and joints a break ...

If you're thinking this activity is like a water aerobics class, well, not quite. There's no instructor, so you have complete freedom to design your own workout (we'll help you with that later in this lens!).

It's not quite like swimming either, because your head stays above water the whole time. You're actually jogging or running just like you'd do outside or on a treadmill ... except you're in the water!

Let's explore in more detail how to do a water running workout ...

How To Aqua Jog

It's Easy!

The process of learning how to run in the water is easy, because jogging or running is something you already know how to do. Within a few short minutes, you'll adapt to running in the water vs. land and you'll be able to move to more challenging workouts within a week or so ...

The picture illustrates proper aqua jogging form. The key is to maintain an upright posture, just like you would when running on a treadmill. Your stride is exactly the same, your arms move forward in a back and forth motion, and your head and neck are completely above the water line ...

The Challenge of Water Resistance

The obvious difference is, of course, the water. Water provides resistance, so you're actually getting a bit of a resistance workout too!

There are two challenges the water poses, which lead to two very common beginner mistakes. First, you'll probably find yourself wanting to lean forward with your upper body in order to move faster through the water. Resist the urge, because this leads to wasted movement and inefficiency.

The other common form mistake is arm movements. Your natural tendency will probably be to push the water across your body, sort of like a swimming breast stroke. This too causes wasted motion (and water splashing in your face!).

Keep every body part other than your head and neck under water, especially your arms. Move your arms forward and back, not sideways across your body.

Now you're operating in proper aqua jogging form!

Benefits of Aqua Jogging

Excellent Cross Training Activity

You're well aware of the benefits of aerobic exercise, and resistance training as well.

But why aqua jog? Why not just swim?

Good question ...

Swimming is one of the best no impact aerobic (and resistance) exercises around. But the fact is, some people just don't like to swim!

To use myself as an example, I can swim, but I'm not a great swimmer by any means. Further, I don't like getting chlorinated water in my mouth, eyes, ears, etc. But I do like being in the water ... it's very relaxing! So aqua jogging is an excellent alternative to swimming ...

Rehabilitation and Cross Training Benefits

If you're a runner and you've ever been injured, it's likely you were steered toward water exercises as a rehab activity. Running in the pool allows you to continue your chosen fitness activity (running) but without the impact on your lower body that likely caused the injury in the first place ...

Beyond that, there are cross training benefits. As we get a little older, there's a real advantage to lessening the impact in our workouts. The combination of no impact aerobic benefit along with built in resistance training from the water is an excellent cross training workout! Not to mention, it's a nice break from the "same old, same old" ...

Our bodies are incredibly adaptable, so it's important to cross train. Even if you aqua jog once a week, or once every two weeks, you're doing your body a favor by making it adapt to a new fitness activity. Build in more cross training workouts and you'll notice positive changes in your fitness level!

Aqua Jogging Belt
Aqua Jogging Belt

How Do I Stay Afloat?

Aqua Jogging Belt

One of the advantages of this fitness activity is that unlike other aerobic programs, there are only a few accessories you need ... really only one.

It's called an aqua jogging belt, probably more commonly known as a flotation belt. You wear the belt snugly around your waist, and the belt keeps you afloat. This is important because you don't want to focus on staying above water ... you want to focus on your form and the workout!

Technically, you can perform water running in the shallow end of the pool, with your feet touching the pool bottom with every step. But that eliminates the non impact advantage, which is why many people turn to this activity in the first place.

The aqua jogging belt is quite comfortable, and after the first time or two, you won't even notice you have it on ...

Note the model in the picture is wearing one of these flotation belts. You can see how it fits neatly across her waist ...

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Aqua Jogging Workouts

A few sample workouts ...

The biggest difference between this workout and a running workout outside or on the treadmill is measuring results. With traditional running, you measure by distance.

With aqua jogging, you can measure by how many laps you do, but sometimes that's not practical. If you're sharing space in a pool, like at your health club, you may not have a lane to yourself.

So what to do?

We recommend carving out your own small area and jog in a square pattern. That is to say, jog a few feet forward, turn right, go a few more feet, turn right, etc. You can always reverse the direction if you start to get a little dizzy!

Sample Aqua Jogging Workouts

Here are a couple of the workouts you can do. They're both 20 minutes long, which is about the right length of time for a beginner. You can always adapt them to longer time periods by adding a specified amount of minutes to the segments.

If you want more sample workouts, visit our main site at Aqua Jogging Workouts ... there's lots of good information there for you ...

Workout #1:

We like to use five effort levels in these workouts. Level One is the easiest, Level Five the hardest. Here's a brief chart so you know what we mean ...

Level One: Compare it to a steady pace walk, or as a warm up or cool down.

Level Two: A light jog.

Level Three: Moderate; a brisk jog.

Level Four: A quick run, something you'd do in a 10k race as an example.

Level Five: Compare this to a sprint; all out effort.

OK, with that said, here's the first 20 minute workout ...

Minutes 0 to 3: Warm up at Level One.

Minutes 3 to 6: Increase intensity to Level Two.

Minutes 6 to 14: Increase intensity to Level Three and maintain for 8 minutes.

Minutes 14 to 17: Begin to ramp down; 3 minutes back at Level Two.

Minutes 17 to 20: Cool down at Level One.


Workout #2:

This workout is more intermediate. You'll get to Level Four, so it's more challenging.

Minutes 0 to 3: Warm up at Level One.

Minutes 3 to 6: Move up to Level Two for 3 minutes.

Minutes 6 to 9: Increase intensity to Level Three for 3 minutes.

Minutes 9 to 12: Three minutes at your fastest pace of the workout, Level Four.

Minutes 12 to 15: Back to Level Three for 3 minutes.

Minutes 15 to 18: Down to Level Two for 3 minutes.

Minutes 18 to 20: Cool down, Level One.


Workout #3:

We use this workout fairly frequently ... it's 30 minutes long, pretty easy to follow, and quite effective. Basically, you'll "climb the ladder" (so to speak) in this workout and then climb it back down. By "climbing", we mean ramping up the intensity ...

Minutes 0 - 5: Warm up at Level One pace (easy).

Minutes 5 - 10: Increase your intensity to Level Three (moderate).

Minutes 10 - 15: Increase your effort to Level Four (hard).

Minutes 15 - 17: The toughest part of the workout ... go to Level Five for two minutes.

Minutes 17 - 22: Back to Level Four.

Minutes 22 - 27: Ramp your intensity back down to Level Three, and then ...

Minutes 27 - 30: Three minute cool down at Level One.

You can easily adapt these workouts to longer time frames or intensity levels. These are three workouts designed for those who haven't done aqua jogging before. With that said, you can acclimate to this activity quite easily ... within a week to ten days most people can tackle more advanced workouts.

Aqua Jogging Accessories

A Few Helpful Items ...

We mentioned above that all you really need in order to perform this activity is an aqua jogging belt, which allows you to run in deep water. This is the key accessory and highly recommended, but there are a few others that are very helpful ...

Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is an excellent method to check the progress of your workout. Aqua jogging doesn't lend itself to measurement by distance, and while length of time is a good milepost, you'll also want to know the intensity of your workout ...

Obviously, your heart rate monitor would need to be waterproof, but most dealers who carry heart rate monitors offer waterproof models ...

Aqua Jogging Shoes

You can easily do these workouts barefoot, but some people prefer to cover their feet to avoid harsh chemicals in a swimming pool, most notably chlorine.

You definitely don't want to wear gym shoes, as they'll get soggy and weight you down (and ultimately ruin your shoes!). Swimming shoes, as they're commonly called, are a good solution. They're waterproof and fit comfortably and snugly on your feet, and they're a good investment if you plan to spend a fair amount of time at the pool ...

Waterproof Weighted Vests

You may have seen runners and other athletes wearing weighted vests. They're commonly used by professional athletes to increase the intensity of their training efforts.

There are several waterproof models as well, and they're very comfortable. Wear one during your workouts to ramp up the intensity! They're especially valuable if you have limited time ... the weight provides more resistance, making you work harder, and thereby lessening the time you need to spend on the workout ...

All these accessories are optional, but if you plan to do aqua jogging even semi regularly, they're very helpful!

Thanks For Stopping By! - Do You Aqua Jog? Tell Us How You Do It!

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