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Five Most Common Mistakes People Do When Training Their Arms

Updated on August 13, 2010

Avoid these mistakes to maximize your arm workout result!

1. Cheating

You move only your arms when you train them. If you contort your back to lift the weight, you are working your back, not your arms. You are in risk of throwing out your lower back if you rock back and forth when training your arms. Stand with your back against the wall to avoid this movement.

2. Straighten your arms

You should only straighten you arms to the fullest when training your triceps. That way you can contract the muscles harder. When training the biceps, straighten your arms doesn’t mean snapping your elbows into a fully straightened position.

3. Keep your elbows in their position

During biceps and tricpes exercises, you’re more likely to lift heavier when your elbows veer out to the side. This often happens during exercises like barbell biceps curl. Keep in mind that this doesn’t make your arms any stronger. You must also have a tendency to move your elbows forward during exercises such as the reverse biceps curl. It’s not easy to avoid this movement completely so keep it to a minimum.

4. Overtraining your arms

Your arms aren’t as big as your legs or back. There’s no reason that you should train them as much as your lat or quadriceps. Training them too much can halt or reverse the gains. Six sets of workout per week is good enough for beginners.

5. Skipping the contractions

It’s too bad that most people don’t fully contract their biceps during their biceps exercises. It’s a crucial component of a curl. Flex your biceps at each curl for a better contraction.


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    • mquee profile image

      mquee 7 years ago from Columbia, SC

      This contains a lot of good advice on weight training regarding the arms. Beginning lifters generally only do their favorite exercises at first. Thanks for sharing.