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Asolos Are the Best Hiking Boots for Slim Feet

Updated on October 4, 2013

When I found the Asolo boot line I was ready to return to hiking. Years of never hitting the trail had passed, even decades, and it was time to get back out there.

During the layoff my walking had been down the hard surface path or sidewalk, but both of those options are married to the noise and bustle of the urban scene, hardly soothing to the soul.

Nagging me, though, was memory of shoe shopping. It's a tricky trail for the person looking for a nice snug fit without pinching long toes. After traipsing through the lanes of many a shoe store I'd retire in resignation.

Where are the shoes to fit my feet - I would wonder, downing another giant sized decaf mocha macchiato, and consoling myself with the rich flavors in that drink. Once again I would end up padding the width of my feet with heavy socks, maybe two layers, because I was determined to hike again!

Asolo is a prominent name in hiking footwear so I thought I could trust them, at least I could give them a try and see if they really fit my needs. I tried them on a local shop and turned hand flips - well, imaginatively.

Since then I've found numerous Asolo styles on Amazon and want to share the one that fits me, so other narrow footed women can skip the roundabouts of the hiking boot hunt, and go straight to the prize.

I usually buy my shoes online and find Amazon's Return Policy to be even better than the freedom to drive to the store and wait in line and explain to the clerk the reason for my wanting to return the shoes, and waiting to get manager approval.

What I Really Like About My Asolos

1. Fit that won't quit - my feet don't slip around inside the boot

2. Stability - the nifty sole design helps keep my feet firmly planted on undergrowth, dirt, and an occasional twig or stone

3. Easy to Put On - the lacing system makes for swiftly changing into my favorite hiking boots, even on the ge

4. Collar Padding - there's enough to protect my sensitive ankle bones from dashing against sticks or stones

5. Stable Tongue - this comfy tongue stays put, no wandering off to the right on its own

6. Lightweight - my feet feel powerful since they lift with ease, no heavy clogging feel of the big boots

7. Substantial Lace - ease in grasping and holding thick and light stretchy laces, even with arthritic fingers

8. Waterproof - all the benefits of the heavyweights and puddle proof too

9. Design - not only do they work well, they look great, and I've even worn them with a sun skirt


Hiking is no longer just a distant memory for me. During the younger years of my life I wore boots for work around our acreage and on treks in the hills surrounding our valley. The main trail started just across the road from our country place. I actually wore high top leather work boots on all those trails.

My hiking boot changes match the landmarks in my life. Then when my marriage wilted I visited the shoe shop directly after leaving the courthouse. Even in that little country store I found an easy fit in a new hiking boot and promptly hit the old trail. When I have a fine fitting hiker - it becomes my favorite shoe!

I revamped my health and lifestyle and thought of hiking again. Changing my dietary practices resulted in such improvements that simply walking on the sidewalks of my life no longer satisfied me, and I began to feel the pull of the trail. I began by walking stairs, one flight per day, and then two, and now six, and then I began the search.

Thanks to my Asolos I'm ready to take to the hills whenever I free up an hour or two during the week. Now I take hikes at the nearby hiking park as often as several times each week.

Socks make the day when you've got the right boot.

Icebreaker Women's Hike+ Lite Crew Socks (Cherub/Silver/Bordeaux, Medium)
Icebreaker Women's Hike+ Lite Crew Socks (Cherub/Silver/Bordeaux, Medium)

These socks suit my narrow feet and I especially appreciate them because, even though my feet perspire in regular shoes, that's one of the side effects of waterproof boots.

Icebreaker socks absorb the perspiration, keeping my feet dry and comfy for my treks. And the color's not bad either.


Do you experience a merry-go-round of shopping for narrow boots?

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What Do You Think About These Waterproof Hiking Boots that Even Fit Narrow Feet?

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    • sousababy profile image


      5 years ago

      Oh, I have the opposite problem, my feet are kinda wide. These look like great-fitting boots for narrow feet though. Those icebreaker socks look like something really helpful - just hate it when my feet sweat.


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