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Athletes 101: How To Minimize and Prevent Sports Injuries

Updated on April 22, 2014

How To Prevent Sports Related Injuries

This article gives athletes tips on how to help them minimize and prevent sports related injuries. A sports injury can be devastating and can cut a promising season short for any athlete. While no injury is 100% avoidable, there are precautions and measures athletes and their coaches can take to help ensure all of the athletes are as safe as possible on their playing field and to help them prevent injuries. Read on to learn how to prevent sports related injuries.

If you want to prevent injuries as an athlete, then you must stay in top shape and constantly condition yourself for the rigors of your sport. This will help you prevent injuries because it will help you maintain proper technique in your sport and it will cut down the chances of you possibly taking a play off. If you get caught taking a play off or becoming lazy then you can possibly be injured. A football player for example who gets caught standing around a pile up because he is tired can very likely be blind sided and injured all because he was not in top shape. So make sure you are in good shape. Get plenty of running in and go all out during your team conditioning drills.

The easiest way to prevent sports injuries is by wearing the proper equipment that conforms to your body. Wearing the proper equipment for your respective sport should help you minimize the chances of getting injured. Also, practicing proper technique and form can help ensure you stay injury free

Make sure you work on your flexibility as much as possible. This is important for athletes looking to decrease the likliehood of them being injured. The more flexible your muscles and ligaments are the less likely you are to be injured if you get caught in a awkward position. Focus on your flexibility and stretching on a daily basis to help prevent injuries.

Make sure you properly warm up your muscles before participating in any athletic sporting event. Warm muscles are more elastic than cold muscles are are less susceptible to being torn or injured. The best type of warm up is one that involves dynamic stretching and static stretching. You goal should be to increase your blood flow in your body and build up a light sweat before you take to the playing field to start playing. Make certain you are properly warmed up in order to help prevent injuries.

Lastly, you need to incorporate a intense weight training program in order to help prevent injuries. Lifting heavy weights explosively will strengthen your muscles and ligaments, make them more powerful and bigger, and make them more resilient to injury. Focus on exercises like squats, the bench press, powercleans, pull ups, dips, military presses, and lunges. Exercises like these target the most muscle groups and build the power and strength you need to dominate your sport and become more injury free. Visit to learn how to perform these exercises.

In conclusion, if you incorportate these tips then you will become more injury free and avoid sports related injuries. Play hard and good luck!

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