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Atomic B2 Regulator Review

Updated on September 16, 2012

Let Your Next Scuba Regulator Be the Atomic Aquatics B2

The Atomic B2 regulator has the same features and components as its all Titanium counterpart the Atomic T2, however its first stage is constructed from chrome plated Brass.

Atomic Aquatics realized that not all divers can afford a all Titanium regulator, and while the first stage is made from all brass the second stage components are all made from Titanium.

In this lens we are going to look at some of the outstanding features of this regulator and what makes it stand out from its competitors, also where you can get it at prices that won't put a dent in your pocket.

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Video Reviews of the Atomic B2 Regulator - Get A Loser Look at the B2 Regulator

Before we look deeper in to some of the features of this regulator, below are a few quick video reviews of some of the features available with Atomic B2 first stage and second stage. If you continue reading below, we will look more in depth at some of the features and how they will benefit you.

Atomic B2 Octopus

Atomic Aquatics B2 Octopus, Yellow W/swivel 36"
Atomic Aquatics B2 Octopus, Yellow W/swivel 36"

The B2 octopus is easily the most comfortable and easy to use safe second ever designed with all-Titanium construction for corrosion protection and light weight. The B2 Octo delivers all the patented Atomic features of the B2 primary model, including the Comfort Swivel as standard. The Comfort Swivel is the perfect design aspect for a safe second.

Atomic B2 First Stage
Atomic B2 First Stage

Atomic B2 First Stage

Lets Look at some of the Feature of the First Stage

Compact first stage design - The Atomic B2 First Stage is small and compact, and constructed from chrome-plated Brass and 316 Stainless Steel. This is the perfect option for those how cannot afford an all Titanium but still require a reliable and durable regulator. It's compact design makes it fairly light, and perfect for a travel regulator.

First stage ports: 2 HP fixed / 5 LP on swivel cap- It has 2 high pressure ports and 5 low pressure ports. The 2 HP ports are located on the right and left side of the regulator, so it can be mounted onto the cylinder in the up or down position, giving your neck and head more freedom of movement. The 5 LP ports are located on the swivel cap, 4 are located on the side and one on the top of the cap which delivers the best performance to the second stage. The swivel low pressure ports further adds to the customization of the regulator, and because the swivel helps takes some tension from the second stage hose it will help reduce jaw fatigue.

Balanced flow-through piston - A Large balanced flow-through piston ensure stable intermediate pressures and high performance even at low cylinder pressures or at deep depths. The high-pressure piston seal system is also self-lubricating which reduces friction, therefore lengthening the time between maintenance.

Optional Environmental Sealing - You can also choose to have the first stage factory-sealed. This stops outside contamination such as silt and sand to enter the first stage, wearing down internal component therefore extending the regulator performance between services intervals. It also prevents freezing in cold water dives.

Nitrox Ready - The Atomic B2 is Nitrox ready for mixtures up to 40% right out of the box with no internal modifications or parts needed, saving you precious time and money if you ever which to dive with nitrox.

2 year/300 Dive service interval - Because of the corrosion resistant materials and maintenance saving designs of the B2 regulator, atomic has extended the service interval to 2 year/ 300 dives, unlike most other regulator which require annual servicing.

The Atomic B2 Second Stage
The Atomic B2 Second Stage

Atomic B2 Second Stage

Now, Lets take a look at the features of the second stage

Pneumatically-Balanced - You will be able to breathe easier and deeper because the second stage is pneumatically-balanced. Because the second stage is balanced you will have the same low breathing effort regardless of how much air you have remaining in your tank or any slight air pressure variation from Your first stage.

All-Titanium second stage - The B2 second stage internal components are all made from Titanium, same as Atomic T2. Because it is made from Titanium, it is very lightweight, and because Titanium does not corrode it will last forever, and the performance will never be altered by the effects of salt water.

Seat Saving Orifice Technology - This new patented technology for Atomic maintain the crisp "like new" factory tuning and prevent the second stage from leaking between servicing. This patented design prevents damage to the seat by allowing the seat and orifice to make contact only when the regulator is pressurized. When it is not in use or storage the seat does not make contact with the orifice extend the life of the seat. In other second stages the robber seat remain in constant contact with the sharp orifice (metal or plastic) which over time creates a deep grove that can cause the second stage to leak.

Automatic Flow Control (AFC) - The venture effect in a second stage makes it breathe easily at depth, however on the surface this can make the first stage free flow. Most second stage regulators have a switch that regulates the venture effect. However, Automatic Flow Control eliminates the need to manually adjust the venture effect as you go deeper. This is done by a foil connected to a diaphragm, as you go deeper the diaphragm contracts changing the position of the foil. This eliminate the distraction and need to tinker with your venture switch to fine tune your breathing as you go deeper. The B2 second stage will always deliver optimum performance no matter what depth, but in the rare chance you need to make adjustments there is a quick adjustment knob.

Comfort Swivel - The Patented Comfort Swivel on the second stage allows for 30 degrees rotation or movement without bending or kinking the second stage hose. This helps reduce the tension of the hose when making head movements, and further reduces jaw fatigue. The second stage simply feels like ti is floating in your mouth.

Dual material second stage cover - The Second Stage cover is made of two different materials allowing the entire cover to be use a purge. This makes it easy to push the purge buttons even with wearing thick gloves

2 year/300 dive service interval - Because the internal component of second stage is made completely of Titanium and the Seat Saving Orifice Technology used by Atomic, the regulator has a 2 year/ 300 dive service interval, unlike many other regulator which require annual servicing.

The Atomic B2 Regulator at Bargain Prices

When looking for great deals on scuba regulators I always make it a hobbit to Search, I have come across some very good gems when search for regulators there . Below are the best listing I found on, feel free to check them out.

Leave your Responses and Comments - Let us Know what you think about the lens and the Atomic B2 Regulator

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