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Baby Swim Goggles

Updated on July 7, 2013

Baby swim goggles are great for the pool

If your baby or toddler is ready to go in the swimming pool or start swim lessons, baby swim goggles are a real help. They provide UV eye protection and are great for helping young swimmers who don't like getting splashed in the face or are afraid to put their head underwater. Swimming goggles for kids are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can be sure to get a fit that works for your child. Take a look below at some of the bestselling and best-rated baby swim goggles available today.

(If you have a child with prescription lenses, visit my article on kids prescription goggles for information on the best places I've found tto buy prescription goggles for my daughter.)

(Image of blue Baby Banz swim goggles by Amazon)

Pink Baby Swim Goggles - These Baby Banz are great for little girls

Choosing goggles with cool colors that appeal to your kids will encourage your kids to want to wear their goggles in the swimming pool. Little girls will love these pink ones with anti-fog and UV protection. These goggles are designed for kids age three and up.

Baby Banz UV Swim Goggles  Pink
Baby Banz UV Swim Goggles Pink

Product description: Keep your child protected with Baby Banz swim goggles. Designed for ages 3 and above, banz swim goggles are perfect for swimming lessons in the pool or at the beach. Made from tough and durable polycarbonate, the lenses are 100% UV protective. The anti fog system prevents the lenses fogging under all conditions and the soft silicon cups ensure maximum comfort to the wearer. Banz swim goggles come in a groovy hard case and are reasonably priced.


Baby Swim Goggles for Boys - Blue Baby Banz or boys

These blue swimming goggles are perfect for little boys to wear in the pool. They have 100% UV protective lenses and an anti-fog system.

Banz Swim Goggles ages 4-10.
Banz Swim Goggles ages 4-10.

Product description: The team at baby banz is proud to announce the arrival of banz swim goggles. Designed for ages 3+, banz swim goggles are perfect for swimming lessons or at the beach this summer. Made from tough and durable polycarbonate, the lenses are 100 percent uv protective. The anti-fog system prevents the lenses fogging under all conditions, and the soft silicon cups ensure maximum comfort to the wearer


FINIS H2 Goggles - Made for children

This silicone goggles are small enough to fit toddlers and small children, and they're designed in colors kids will love. You can select from one of two color options: pink/aqua or blue/clear.

H2 Jr Pink/Aqua
H2 Jr Pink/Aqua

Product features:

- Silicone double straps with easy to adjust back clip

- Colors: Blue/Clear, Green/Blue, Pink/Aqua

- PVC Frame | Silicone Strap | Polycarbonate Lens

- Anti-Fog and UV Protection


Swim Goggles are Great!

Swim Goggles are Great!
Swim Goggles are Great!

Baby swim goggles can protect your baby's eyes from UV rays and chlorinated water

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    • profile image

      alicialoyd 5 years ago

      These are really cute, having these makes baby's swimming much comfortable.

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 5 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      love this product. really beautiful