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Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow

Updated on April 21, 2016

Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow - The Deer Hunters Choice

For many deer hunters the Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow is their bow of choice.

It's extremely fast, powerful and has great penetration and is a lot quieter than many comparable bows.

In this hub we'll look at why this bow is so popular among hunters and talk about what makes it such a formidable hunting weapon.

What's So Special About The Buck Commander?

The powerful Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow package comes complete with quiver, four 22" arrows and an illuminated 3 x 32 multi-reticle red/green dot sight - everything you need for a very successful day of hunting.

The bow features Barnsdale laminated limbs incorporating the latest technology for reducing noise by up to 30%. The Buck Commander has an aluminum flight rail, whiplash cams and crosswire strings which are designed to give the most precise shot. The new ADF trigger system and the 3 x 32 red/green dot sight mean you'll get a clean, quiet and accurate shot every time.

The Barnett Buck Commander is made in the USA and is covered by a 5-year limited warranty - they stand by their products. With over 50 years experience in the hunting industry the Commander is a culmination of years of experience and understanding exactly what the modern hunter is looking for in a bow - precision, ease of use and quiet operation.

The Commander has a powerful 175lb draw weight and the firing velocity is an impressive 365 feet per second and the Barnett Commander only weighs slightly over 8 pounds.

Many states have now legalized crossbow hunting; North Carolina and Indiana are two of the most recent so lots of people are looking at crossbow hunting as a pastime. Read some of the reviews about the Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow package and you'll be impressed. One of the great things about the Commander is its patented shoot through foot. If you're short or just don't have a lot of arm strength it's incredibly helpful, the bow can be cocked easily from a sitting position.

Here's what you get in the Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow package:

1. ADF trigger system

2, Illuminated 3x32 multi-reticle red/green dot sight

3. Four 22-inch arrows

4. Quiver

Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow Specifications:

365 FPS firing velocity

126 ft-lb energy

14" power stroke

Weights 8 pounds

24" wide by 36" deep

Before you purchase your new Barnett Crossbow package check to see that your state allows the use of scopes if you're looking to purchase the complete package. The Barnett Commander is one of the most accurate bows you can purchase today. Use the precise and accurate Barnett Buck Commander and you'll get a fast and clean kill every time.

Happy hunting!

Barnett Buck Commander Video Review

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