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Barnett RC 150 Crossbow

Updated on April 20, 2016

Barnett RC 150 Crossbow Review

The Barnett RC 150 crossbow is the perfect crossbow for a learner or intermediate hunter. This is a great bow to get started with and you won't have to invest a whole lot of money for it.

These are unlike many starter bows that are more like toys and are poorly constructed and inaccurate. That's not the way to encourage a newbie - he will soon get fed up with it and go back to his computer.

Barnett crossbows are well known for their quality and obviously this doesn't come with all the top of the line bells and whistles. What it does offer is an accurate and lightweight bow that is powerful enough to stop a small deer in its tracks and other medium sized prey.

The Barnett RC 150 crossbow features a Veloci-speed wheel and cable assembly, an adjustable stock and a one dot red dot scope, enabling this to fire at between 240 - 260 feet per second.

The great thing about this bow is if the beginner shows aptitude and an interest, then you could go ahead and add a better site and invest in some better quality 18" carbon bolts when you move on from simple target practice. The RC 150 comes with four 16" arrows.

The Barnett RC 150 is also very light at 7-1/2" pounds. It measures 33-1/2" long and 25-1/2" wide with a 9-1/2" power stroke. It has a draw weight of 150 pounds and a very useful adjustable rear stock so it can be set up and used for just about any sized person. The sturdy molded grip affords the user a comfortable and firm grip.

Sometimes You Can Find An RC 150 On Amazon

So What Comes In This Package

The New Barnett RC 150 Package includes the compound bow in matte black with adjustable Rear Stock, a Scope Ready Extended Trigger, four 16” arrows with a quiver, the red dot scope and an instruction manual. It also comes with a year limited warranty.

The Barnett RC 150 Crossbow Package includes:

-Barnett RC 150 bow which shoots up to 260 feet per second

-Comfortable adjustable rear stock with extended trigger mechanism

-Veoci-speed wheel system with synthetic cables

-Quad limb design and scope ready

The Barnett RC 150 Crossbow Package contains the above, plus

-4 x 16” aluminum Arrows

-Quiver w/attachment kit

-Red dot scope

The Barnett RC 150 is would make a great gift for the aspiring hunter and is a useful, accurate and lightweight bow for the experienced hunter.

It's certainly not the best offering from Barnett, but if you're on a tight budget, it's a reasonable choice.

Video Review Of The Barnett RC 150 Crossbow

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