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The Baseball Scorecard and the Pitch Scoring System

Updated on March 22, 2010

Almost everyone who has learned how to score baseball was taught to record the details and outcome of each at-bat on a baseball scorecard. But baseball scorecards tell only half the story - the result of the at-bat from the batter's viewpoint. But a truly effective way to learn how to score baseball is to use a pitch scoring system. It records the game from the pitcher's standpoint and combined with the baseball scorecard, gives you a complete picture of the game.

The fact is many baseball coaches and players fail to understand the importance of keeping track of every detail of every pitch thrown in a game for the purpose of analyzing your pitchers' successes and failures, and batters' weaknesses.

A pitch scoring system gives you the data to gain a tactical advantage over your opponents in key situations. It allows you to see the game of baseball from a different viewpoint. You will discover trends, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses in every pitcher-batter matchup.

So what exactly is a pitch scoring system? In it's simpliest form, it's counting the number of pitches thrown. You can get a little more sophisticated and track the sequence of balls and strikes as well as the number of pitches. Or you can use a pitch scoring system to record pitching statistics that are commonly overlooked, like Pitch Type, Pitch Result, Pitch Speed and Pitch Location.

Unfortunately, you'd be hard-pressed to find a pitch scoring system that is elaborate, functional and easy to understand? But Coach Bobby B Pitch Scoring System does that and more. It provides two views of the game from the pitcher's point of view, one visual and the other textual. Used together they tell the complete story of the inning.

Coach Bobby B Pitch Scoring System makes it easy to analyze which pitches are working for your pitchers against specific batters, and also helps identify weaknesses and strengths in your own players' selection of pitches they swing at. You will see the game from a completely new perspective - one that your opponent doesn't have.

So the next time you keep score in baseball, use this pitch scoring system and gain that tactical edge!


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