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Be Safe Riding a Kids Scooter

Updated on October 8, 2012

Keep Safe

Being safe and protecting yourself whilst riding a kids push scooter is probably one of the last things on a kids mind when they start to ride. Educating them from the start, from their first scooter is important as safety needs to be in their minds as they grow and ultimately start to go to skate parks. Stunt Scooters have exploded in the UK over the past 10 years or so with Scooter now being as popular or if not more popular than bikes. There has been some major advancement in the scooter industry with scooter now used for all sort of tricks and stunts, not just for riding along on. Some of the major brands around today have pro rider teams that help develop scooters today to withstand the force of jumps and tricks. All that said I am still amazed at the amount of riders that are not kitted out in safety gear, when a fall from a scooter can do just as much damaged as a fall from a bike.

Grit Scooters
Grit Scooters

Check the Scooter is Safe

Scooters take a lot of wear and tear more so as a rider's confidence grows and they start trying out new things. Scooters are jumped on, thrown in the air and crashed to the ground. With all this force being put on a scooter making sure it's safe to ride each time is a good habit to get into. Wheels and bearing should be regularly checked to make sure they turn smoothly and are free of dirt or grit. They should be oiled often to prolong their life or replaced when worn. Adjustable scooter should have their bars checked to make sure they are secure and in place and folding scooter should be checked to make sure they are locked in the upright position for riding. If pegs are on scooter wheels its worth checking they are done up tight before riding.JD Bug Scooters are one of the safest starter scooters on the market today, as finger entrapment in the folding mechanism is virtually impossible.

Bell Faction Helmet
Bell Faction Helmet

The Safety Gear

We should all know that one of the best safety things you could buy is the helmet. A helmet will cushion a kids head from a fall due to its protective foam filling encased in a hard shell. When looking to buy a helmet make sure it is made to EU standards, which is BS EN 1078:1997. Making sure a helmet fits correctly is another important factor to take into account; it doesn't want to be sloppy on the riders head and should fit level, just above the eyebrows. Adjustable straps under the chin should fit snugly, these are often adjustable. If a helmet becomes damaged it should be replaced, it's just not worth taking any chances with it comes to protecting a head.

Knees and Elbows are also another part of the body that should be protected, especially for kids performing tricks and stunts, as these are parts of the body which are going to take the impact from a fall more than likely and easily broken. Knee and Elbow pads can be bought for the job and don't cost too much. There is such a big emphasise on being protected whilst riding a bike in this day and age, and riding a scooter should be no different.

Be Alert

When kids are small we teach them road safety and how to cross the road safely, however when kids get a scooter it seems that they forget all that and want to ride across the road as fast as they can, sometimes not even stopping to check it's safe to cross. Stopping at roads and getting off and walking a scooter across are good safety measures to enforce. Pedestrians are another thing that seems to get in the way of riders! In skate parks it's worth checking around making sure no grit or sand are on the ramps before hand as this could cause the rider to come to an abrupt halt and fall.

When a kid first gets a scooter its worth taking them out and starting them off slowly. A rider should get to know their scooter and how it handles before trying anything awesome. Scooter can go fast and testing break resistance first is a good idea. All the professionals who perform amazing stunts are kitted out in safety gear and for a standard rider this should be no different and become second nature for riding a scooter safely.

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