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Bedroom Workout

Updated on January 16, 2012

Don't have time to get to the gym? Work up a sweat at home!

Are you sick of being so unfit and want to shape up with a bedroom workout that will actually get you results? Well, this article aims to give you the best possible guidance on achieving the results you want by directing you to some very affordable products that will kickstart that fat burning process. There are plenty of people that have the motivation to burn that unnecessary fat, but don't have the means to or don't want to pay for a gym membership which is fair enough.

I'm not going to be recommending some ridiculous thousands dollar gear for obvious reasons, but what I do recommend is proven to be effective for fat burning and replacing that fat with lean muscle. Depending on what your goals are, you'll be able to tone up in no time, or if you really push yourself (perhaps more directed at the guys) you can easily get that shredded look.

Inevitably, if you just want to tone or get fully cut up abs, you're going to need to sort out your diet too. This means laying off those desserts and ensuring that your calorie intake is a little below maintenance level, as in, what your body needs to function. In this way, you should begin to see the fat drop off, but without leaving you in too skinny a state because you'll have this bedroom workout to add the definition you require!

Now don't think that just because I put this picture of a shredded guy up that this workout in any way rules out the ladies. There seems to be a myth surrounding doing weights amongst women that as soon as they touch a dumbell they'll suddenly morph into a bodybuilder. Well, the truth is, that's not going to happen. Sure, if you stuck at it for two years solid, training with heavy free weights every day until your body ached maybe, but doing mild body weight exercises will NOT turn you into a ham beast! Instead, you'll be able to burn off fat much quicker since weightlifting is an anaerobic activity. So make your choice - spend an hour jogging outside or carry out my simple bedroom workout and see which one gives you the results you want.

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Chin Ups/Pull Ups

So let's get started! The first exercise is the famous chin up or pull up. This is a fantastic compound exercise for developing your upper body strength in general. If you're unsure, a compound exercise is simply an exercise that involves more than one muscle group to be performed - as opposed to an isolation exercise such as dumbell curls which would only target your biceps. The benefits of compound exercises are obvious - they're much better for giving you a full body workout and consequently have a much larger effect on your fat burning.

So what's the difference between a pull up and a chin up? Well, chin ups involve grabbing your pull up bar with your fingers facing toward you and the back of your hand facing away. This means that you'll be targeting your bicep region predominantly, but involving a whole bunch of other muscle groups in your upper body too.

Pull ups, on the other hand, involve grabbing the pullup bar with your fingers facing away from you so that you can see the backs of your hands. You generally space your hands out a little further than you would with a chin up, which helps you to target your shoulders and general back regions.

Both of these exercises are simple to carry out, and are just a case of slowly bringing your chin above the bar, then bringing yourself back down with your feet off the ground at all times. The more controlled and slowly you carry these out, the more effective they will be at burning your fat. Naturally you can add even more burn to your workout by varying between slow and controlled reps with faster and higher in frequency reps.

This is an ideal bedroom workout as you'll only be needing an affordable pull up bar to do it. These simply slot between your door frame and don't cause any wall damage due to their rubber grips and strong clamping function. You may be a little concerned that they won't be able to hold your weight, as I was, but believe me, they can take far more weight than you'll be able to throw at them.

An Affordable, Fat Burning Tool that is Fundamental to your Bedroom Workout.


These sound a little hardcore for the bedroom workout, but if you've got enough space to fit a single bed, you'll have enough room to keep a barbell.

Again, the squat is a compound exercise that targets virtually every muscle group in your body, but with the focus on your core and lower back strength. Now, don't shy away from these if you're concerned that they're too "boybuilderish" for you to handle, because they're really very simple and always remember that you never have to use a weight you can't handle. It's far better to use a lighter weight that you can execute perfect form with than attempt to lift a small car and end up paralyzed.

So how do you perform the squat? Well, you can practice one right now. It helps if you have a full length mirror on hand, but its not necessary. Firstly, keep your feet pointing perpendicular to your body and not spread at an angle. This will ensure that the joints in your knees are not being bent awkwardly, since they're no different to the hinges on a door so keep them pointing straight ahead. Then, bend your knees, poke your butt out and keep your head up and looking forward at all times. Come back up by pushing from your heels as opposed to your toes so that you're feeling the burn in your butt. Bring yourself back up into a standing position by straightening your hips out and extending your knees with your head still facing the wall in front of you.

You can increase the intensity of your squat by purchasing a barbell, but obviously, don't try to be adding any extreme weight to the bar since you won't have a rack to place the bar on after you're done with your set. You can still have an effective workout by just using the bar provided which will give you a little weight to improve your strength in your core.

For a Little More of an Idea About Perfect Squatting Form


If you're needing an exercise that will really give your chest a good seeing to, then dips are the perfect option for your bedroom workout. Dips are my third and final compound exercise that should tone up your shoulders, chest and core area by making you balance your bodyweight and repeatedly lift yourself up, in the same way you would climb out of a swimming pool.

The exercise is done like a press up, where you grab the two bars on either side of your body, lower yourself slowly while jutting out your elbows, then pushing yourself back up so that your arms are straight again. You should feel the burn within your shoulders and chest region predominantly. This exercise is fantastic for fat burn thanks to its ability to target all those major upper body muscle groups. You'll find that this is ten times more effective than just doing press ups all day, which often leave you with little, to no results anyway.

This is my ideal bedroom workout that, if performed effectively a good 4-5 days a week, along with a good diet, should see you dropping dress sizes, or cutting up those abs depending on your goals. So give it a go!

Perform your Dips with the Best Possible Form

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    • profile image

      ACGroup1 5 years ago

      Nice workout tips. I try to do these things when on the road in hotels rooms. I normally use power bands, but some of these exercises won't even require those. Very nice.

    • anticloud profile image

      anticloud 6 years ago

      This lens is great. I always say that you can get a great workout at home. This lens just backs that up.