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Beer Pong Table - Where to Find Official Size and Inflatable Beer Pong Tables

Updated on September 21, 2011

Beer Pong Table - Official Beer Pong Tables

The game of Beer Pong is not just for college anymore! What started out as a drinking game at frat parties is actually becoming recognized as a sport in its own right.

As a matter of fact, from January 1st through the 5th 2011, The Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is hosting a Beer Pong Tournament for $50,000 - the largest payout in beer pong history!. Over 800 participants showed up at the last tournament, and they are expecting an even bigger crowd this year.

Beer Pong is not just for beer lovers anymore either! Many tournaments around the country (as well as many households) are replacing the beer in the cups with water or soft drinks.

As the sport grows in popularity, so does the many options of beer pong tables and accessories you can choose from to make the game your own.

Beer pong tables usually come in two sizes - 6 foot tables and 8 foot tables (8 foot being the regulation size used in most tournaments).

They also come in many different designs. Beer Pong tables are becoming extremely popular at tailgating events due to their easy portability and their dual use of being used as food serving tables before the beer pong games begin. These tables are also sporting the logos of every major league baseball and football team which makes it perfect for tailgating before a game.

Pong fans are finding these tables are coming in handy in many other places as well. Perfect for backyard parties, block parties, camping trips and just about any place else you want to start a fun competition.

You can even purchase inflatable beer pong tables that are perfect for use in the pool or to make portability even easier. Simply deflate and throw in the bar of your car so you have your game with you at all times.

Keep reading to learn more about all of your beer pong table options. For larger pictures, descriptions and to find out where to purchase these great tables, simply click on the blue link next to each picture.

Beer Pong Tables - Regulation Size and Official Size Beer Pong Tables

The Beer Pong Tables listed below are all regulation size 8 foot tables.

They come in many fun and unique designs and are perfect for college parties, backyard parties, camping trips and just about any other large gathering.

Some even come with special features such as the green table shown below that actually glows when under black light.

Beer Pong Table - Portable Beer Pong Tables and Tailgating Beer Pong Tables

These awesome Portable Beer Pong Tables and Tailgating Beer Pong Tables are not only sure to create attention and fun competition, but they come in handy as well.

These portable beer pong tables are perfect for parties and tailgating because not only do they show your dedication to your favorite team, but they also can double as handy serving tables as well.

Simply use these tables to display food and utensils, then remove everything to get your beer pong game on!

These are all regulation 8 foot long tables to ensure proper play and competition.

For other Football Team, College Team and Professional Baseball Team Pong Tables visit Professional Sports Beer Pong Tables.

Beer Pong Tables - Inflatable Beer Pong Tables and Floating Beer Pong Tables

These creative inflatable beer pong tables are not only perfect for playing beer pong in pools, but can be used on sturdy surfaces as well.

The cup molds make setting up easy and the inflatable surface makes it challanging as well. Not to mention how easily portable these tables are.

Simply deflate for travel and inflate at parties, campsites, block parties, the beach...anywhere the beer pong urge hits.

Beer Pong Game Accessories

Now that you have found your perfect table, you will need beer pong accessories to go with it.

Here are a bunch of regulation cups and beer pong balls needed to get your game up and running!

Other Fun Beer Pong Accessories

Here are some other great items to show your love of the game!  Official beer pong rules posters, sexy posters, beer pong t-shirts and how to guides on how to make the most of your game!


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