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Sports Realities: Being A Walk-On For A College Sports Team

Updated on July 22, 2011

Being A Walk On on A College Sports Team

This article will give you tips and advice on how to survive as a college walk-on on a sports team. It can be a very difficult and humbling experience but I will show you how to make the most of your situation and give you advice to use that may help you better your situation. If you are good enough and work hard enough as well as have some success then you may possibly earn a scholarship for your efforts. Read on to learn how to survive as a college walk on for a college sports team.

Step 1: It is important that you understand that a college coach has their scholarship players in their mind first and foremost. And then they are worried about the players who don't have scholarships. This means they will take priority in everything like getting the best equipment, getting the most playing time, and being treated the best. These players were actually recruited and were given money to come to that college and play. So they are of course going to get the opportunity to play first. What does a college coach look like playing a walk-on over a scholarship athlete? Unless the player is clearly good enough and earns himself a scholarship and playing time, this will rarely happen.

Step 2: You have to work really hard even if you don't have shot of being on the scout first team. You never know when your opportunity to play may come up. Someone may get hurt or someone may become academically ineligible which means you have to be prepared and work hard as if you are going to actually play. You never know!

Step 3: Next, you should take a hard look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Do you have what it takes to play as a walk-on at a college. Maybe you would be much better off going to a smaller or less prominent school. They may even award you scholarship money. Most often, if you go to a smaller school and swallow your pride, you can get a good package and some scholarship money instead of being a walk on at a school and paying your own way to school.

Step 4: Lastly, don't lose hope. There have been players who were walk-ons that have actually gone on to play professionally. Jim Leonhard comes to mind. This player didn't even earn a football scholarship until his senior year at Wisconsin University and yet he had set all types of records at the school prior to his senior year. He is now a strong safety in the NFL and plays for the New Yor Jets.

In conclusion, it will be hard and long road as a walk-on, but you mustn't give up hard. You have to keep working hard and believe in yourself. Also, remember some of the tips I shared above. You may be better off playing at a smaller school on a scholarship. These school offer you a great education and can provide for a great college experience too! Keep working hard and good luck!

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