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Why it’s Great to be the Sober One-The Real Truth

Updated on November 4, 2014

In current times, almost no gathering is complete without the help of our social lubricant, alcohol.

It has been an integral part of our social activities that we have a bottle of beer while watching the game, some scotch while talking about our future, and even a bottle of wine while we discuss how 50 Shades of Grey changed our life in book club meetings.

Alcohol loosens us up to get our nerves out and makes these events more interesting. However, a little too much of it makes things just a–wee-bit more interesting.

Well it all depends on which end of the spectrum you end up being in. It’ great to be the sober friend I will tell you why even though alcohol is a lot of fun no doubt. I’m not here to persuade you into cutting back on alcohol you can go crazy with the shots I don’t mind.

I’m just here to show our ever-faithful sober club why it’s great to be you. Hopefully, after you have read this whole article you will feel a new sense of purpose the next time you go out with your peers.


So let’s get to reason number one: you will be very entertained. Intoxicated people do the dumbest things for the pleasure of you, my sober friend. Just go on Youtube, Vine, or Instagram and you will know what I am talking about.

These people will hardly remember a thing they said and did and it's the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some blackmail material just in case the need for it arises so don’t forget to get your phones ready. Kidding aside, it’s really hilarious to be with your drunken friends seeing what alcohol can make them do.

Watch as Jennifer talks to the couch about her problems and how Duncan has a staring contest with the window. The fact that you (and maybe another sober friend, if you’re really luck that night) will remember everything is also such a glorious feeling.

Seeing all of the things your friends do while they are under the influence makes your night really memorable. Watch how they cringe in embarrassment as you relive the night reminding them of all the funny things they did, just try to go easy on them okay?

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The second reason is simple; you don’t have to worry about doing stupid things. No one’s going to see your sorry attempt at a back-flip or how you ugly cry as you share how much you could relate to the season finale of Awkward.

You won’t have to wake up the next morning anxious about what you might have done it takes a lot of stress and worry away. You’ll be pretty sure nothing worthy of a Hangover sequel happened the night before.

You also get to protect the people from the crazy inside you that’s just waiting for that alcohol overload and they have no idea what you’re capable of once it’s in control. Having your dignity in tact is incentive enough to remain sober.


Staying clearheaded is also really good for you wallet, which is reason number three. Just remember how much it costs to get drunk nowadays those tequila shots and cocktails don't come cheap you know. Being the sober friend let’s you save up, you just have a few drinks and you’re good.

You get to save money that you can use for other more important things like a sleek new polo for the next night. This also results in reason number four, you avoid the beer belly. Those shots and bottles are packed with calories that go straight to your midsection.

The hours you spent on the treadmill won’t be for naught. Cutting back on drinks helps you keep in shape. You leave the club with a stronger willpower maybe you can even say no to midnight snacks and dessert.

Lastly, you are in control of the situation. It’s good to know that you have a handle on things and when something unplanned happens you are able to react properly. Being the sober friend allows you to ensure the safety of you and your friends.

It's a big responsibility to make sure everyone gets home safely but it’s comforting to know that everyone is in one piece and ready for another night of partying. Kudos to you my sober friend!


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