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Air rifles by Benjamin

Updated on September 8, 2014

Benjamin air rifles

Benjamin air rifles are one of the leading guns in the world. Their range is 2nd to none and there is certainly something for every user. In this lens i hope to have a look at some of the more popular models and hopefully help you choose which model is for you. There are many manufacturers of this type of gun but with Benjamin you can be certain to get a good quality product that will last a life time.

The history of Benjamin

The Benjamin Air Rifle Company was first established in 1902, in the great state of St. Louis, USA., by Mr Walter Benjamin. The company has been bought and sold many times since then with various owners, acquiring the Sheridan Products company in the process. Now the company is based soley in East Bloomfield, N.Y. where it continues to produce a fine range of top quality air rifles

The range that the company now produce is massive. They have a complete range of air rifles and pistols as well as a comprhensive range of some of the best scopes on the market. The company suppy guns to the whole of America and in to 50 countries worls wide. Benjamin rifles are known mainly for value and quailty and their guns are amongst the very best sellers

We would recommend any of the Benjamin models especially if you are just starting out

Benjamin Sheridan Benjamin Trail NP Airguns

The Sheridan trail np gun is one of the most popular models. It has over 30 pounds of pressure which will shoot pellets at over 1000fps. This gives the gun the capacity to shoot small game as the pellets will have great penetration at this speed. Although this is one of our favourites i wouldnt recommend it for the younger user as it is 4ft long and really needs a fully grown adult to handle it

You will be able to check out all the models at My rifle site

Benjamin air rifle
Benjamin air rifle

Benjamin 397 Air Rifle with 4X32 Rifle Scope

Cost around $250

The 397 rifle is a real American classic. This 177 calibre rifle is a pneumatics multi-pump action gun that is ideal for any type of target shooting you fancy. The brass barrel looks great coated in a lovely black finish and it can send pellets out at an amazing 800 fps. The speed can easily be adjusted by the number of pumps and you can do up to 8 for maximum velocity. This gun is easily one of our favourites and is on its way to becoming a best seller.Our research revealed the following things you will need to know about this gun.

The gun is extremely accurate, more so than most air rifles

Pumping is very easy, right up to the 8th pump

There is very little noise when firing

The life of the gun is not great. We found that between 600 - 700 shots it will need to be rebuilt with costs around $100

It is very heavy and although that may be a sign of build quality it may become uncomfortable if you are using it for too long

This Benjamin air rifle is a great entry level rifle that is really made for occasional use and wont be for the serious hunter.

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Please fell free to leave any comments or personal experiences you may have with benjamin products.

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