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best Carp Tackle

Updated on June 30, 2012
Best Carp tackle
Best Carp tackle

What Is The Best Carp Tackle

When I started carp fishing over forty years ago that would have been a very easy question to answer as the only specialist carp tackle available were the Richard Walker Carp Rods. Things like carp landing nets, carp fishing alarms etc,etc, we had to make ourselves.

It must be something of a nightmare for new comers to the sport trying to choose a set of carp fishing tackle, from a market saturated with carp fishing tackle manufacturers all trying to separate you from you hard earned cash.

Carp fishing is not an exact science every carp water and the carp they contain will be different and and will present you with different problems. Before going out and buying any carp fishing tackle first get an idea of the lakes that you will be fishing. The best carp fishing tackle will be the tackle most suited to the carp water you are fishing. For a small water with no snags you will not need 3.5lb TC rods and big pit reels, likewise if you are going to be fishing the big pits you will need heftier rods and reels capable of casting long distances. You can of course use the lighter gear and fish closer in but if the carp are showing at distances of 100yds and over you will need more specialist carp rods and reels.

The Best Carp Tackle Is The Tackle Most Suited To YOUR Carp Fishing

My Small Water Carp Set Up
My Small Water Carp Set Up

What Is The Best carp Tackle For You?

I do think that the carp fishing market has become more of a fashion market new comers to the sport seem to think that they cannot catch carp if they do not own all the top branded carp tackle.

You can pay around of £500.00 for a top of the range Shimano big pit reel and hundreds of pounds for a matching rod, but if you are just starting on your carp fishing journey you do not need them.

I do have a set of Shimano reels for my small water carp fishing but they are what I would describe as their more basic bait runner range. They only cost about £70.00 each but they are cracking reels to use and do the job for what I intended them to.


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