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Best Artificial Bait and Lures Doa Shrimp

Updated on November 12, 2010

DOA Shrimp

Many of my friends and family consider themselves fisherman. Although I do not consider myself a true fisherman I almost always catch fish. Fresh water or salt water I have learned to study the currents the tides and the weather. It also helps if you have a good bait. This is only the beginning of catching fish of course and certainly I am not an expert but as I just stated I normally catch fish. I have used many different artificial lures and baits but none of them compare to DOA Shrimp.

I like to used them because I can go fishing any time and I do not have to stop off at the bait store. Also these DOA Shrimp Lures can be cast over an area methodically using different patterns. I like to try working it slow over an area and make several passes at different depths. Because I have learned that fish like to strike at baits that are presented at different speeds and water depths.

Another reason I use them is because I can usually catch several fish on one DOA. If you use a live bait it almost seems like every time you catch a fish you have to but a new shrimp on. Some people like DOA Shrimps because they have a shrimp smell embedded into them but they really do not stink up everything like real shrimp do.

If you look around the internet you will always find pros and cons on almost every subject. My I suggest that you try a few DOA Shrimp. They are inexpensive and are available online. Try a few different colors and fish with them in different areas and different times of the day. It took me several month to figure out when to fish for snapper at my friends house. Sure I have always caught a few but when I figured out what was the best time, tide and pattern to through my DOA.

I can fish and get dinner for 3 almost everyday if I showed up at the correct tide and presented the bait properly. So do get discouraged try different approaches with this bait. It has always produced for me. I haven't tried it in Hawaii yet but when I do I will take pictures of the fish that the DOA Shrimp catches for you and I will tell you exactly how I did it!.

Fishing to me can be a fun challenge finding the correct bait time and place to catch your favorite fish is enjoyable. Try not to get stressed out if you don't catch any fish. I have seen so many people that get upset because everyone else is catching fish but they are not. Sort of takes the fun out of it doesn't it.

Catching Snook in Flamingo, FL on DOA Shrimp


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  • Philipo profile image

    Philipo 8 years ago from Nigeria

    Very nice hub. Though I do not like water because I cannot swim.