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The Best Beach Chairs

Updated on February 2, 2015

Best Beach Chairs - backpack chairs, canopy chairs and more

The best beach chairs are easy to carry, comfortable, durable, and have other optional features like drink holders, reclining positions, canopies, and areas to carry your beach towels and gear, some even roll on wheels. These modern beach chairs will give you the style and comfort you are looking for. Get exactly what you need and want for a relaxing time at the beach, while watching sports at the sideline, or for tailgaiting.

How to Choose the Best Beach Chair

Beach chairs come in assorted styles, sizes, colors, weights and uses, so it is important to take these into consideration before purchasing your beach chair. Consider how you will use the chair: will it be a beach chair, or a tailgaiting chair, or a sports sideline chair? How far do you have to carry the chair? Here are some points to consider:

Transporting the Chair Do you have a long walk to a secluded beach, or are you simply walking 200 feet from the car to soccer field? If you have a long walk, you will want to consider a lightweight chair with few frills, or a backpack style chair that puts the weight on your back, and frees up your arms.

Accessories Some beach chairs offer accessories such as cup holders, small coolers, larger coolers, 3-5 position recliners, built in shade canopies, pouches for towels or sunscreen, and even wheels. When considering what accessories you want, keep in mind that these accessories will add weight, so think again about how you transport the chair.

Material If it is made from wood it may eventually dry up and crack. Aluminum is lightweight. Is the seat material durable and strong? some chairs are made from plastic, but beware, they can become very hot in the sun.

Style Do you prefer a high back chair, or a low profile? A recliner or an upright chair? Consider your own personal style when choosing which beach chair will best fit your lifestyle and comfort.

Versatility Unless you have the garage space to have a chair for each use, you need to consider whether your beach chair needs to double as a soccer chair, or parade chair. A low profile beach chair may not be so practical watching a soccer game, or for tailgaiting.

Backpack Chairs

These chairs made it possible for me to go to the beach with my kids, without another adult. It allows you to pack towels, lunch and or sunscreen in the pouch, and carry the chair on your back, freeing up your arms for carrying other beach gear.

Rio Gear HandsFree Backpack Chair,Green
Rio Gear HandsFree Backpack Chair,Green

Over 128 reviews give this chair a 4 Star review. It's lightweight and easy to carry on your back, with 4 adjustable positions, a cup holder, head rest and pouch for carrying things.


Chairs with Coolers

Do you want or need to bring along some food or drinks that need to keep cool? These practical chairs have small cooler pouches built right into them. It's one less thing to carry when your beach chair already has the cooler attached!

Do you need a great beach umbrella?

Check out the latest styles and colors at

"The Best Beach Umbrellas"

Beach Chairs with Canopies

Would you prefer a beach chair with a built in canopy? These chairs have a sun shade connected right to the chair, eliminating the need to carry two separate items to the beach or sporting events.

Sport-Brella Umbrella Chair, Blue
Sport-Brella Umbrella Chair, Blue

FINALLY, a chair with a canopy that will swivel 360 degrees to block the sun from any direction! Most chairs with canopies never end up shading your whole body because the shade is never where you need it. Now you will be able to control it!

Kelsyus Recline Backpack Beach Chair with UV Canopy
Kelsyus Recline Backpack Beach Chair with UV Canopy

Recline backpack outdoor chair with UV canopy from Kelsyus®

Included UV canopy provides maximum protection from the sun

Armrests easily convert to backpack shoulder straps

Auto-recline feature provides ultimate comfort

Low-profile seat


Kids Beach Chairs

Don't forget the kids! They need a comfortable beach chair or canopy chair too. Some of these kids beach chairs come in fun colors or designs. Kids are always more comfortable in a chair that fits their smaller size. Since it is smaller, they can often carry it themselves too!

Redmon For Kids Kids Folding Camp Chair, Hot Pink
Redmon For Kids Kids Folding Camp Chair, Hot Pink

This chair comes in 3 colors and is great for kids from 2-6 years old and up to 160 lbs. It comes with a cup holder and it's own carrying bag. Kids love to have their own chair.


What is your favorite beach?

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    • profile image

      ohcaroline 4 years ago

      I like Longboat Key in Florida.

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      Runnn 6 years ago

      I like the "striking green" umbrella. More outstanding. Lolz...