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Best Gift for a Surfer

Updated on February 4, 2012

My Favorite Gift American Red Cross Eton FR160

My wife bought me a weather radio one year. It is really an emergency radio but I can hear the surf report 24/7.

The American Red Cross FR160 is so small that you can easily store in your safety kit or carry it in your surfboard bag and take anywhere in the world. It has a high-quality AM/FM tuner, it also has a NOAA Weather Band receiver that brings you weather forecasts, alerts and other emergency messages--information vital during severe weather conditions.

Marine reports are the favorite thing for a surfer If you can tell which way the wind is blowing and how big the surf is you have a slight advantage. Many time my little weather radio kept me out of the water because of off shore storms. I would have never known about the storms other wise. being a lifeguard I depended on my little weather radio to keep the people safe on my beaches.

So I know that they are quality and useful, plus I think of my wife every time I turn it on. Sort of a nice pert for you surf widows ;-)

Gifts for a Surfer

Being a surfer for over 30 years has really been the highlight of my life. Surfing has taken my family to more places than any other activity. Beach after beach Yes!

As I surfer I am not really particular about the gifts that I get . Unless someone tries to buy me surf equipment with out at least basic knowledge of the type of equipment I use.

If your boy friend our spouse is a surfer you probably are aware of the type of surf trunks and size that he would like. If your girl friend is a surfer probably let her buy her suit!

Yes I know its the thought that counts for me I am more keyed on things I can use, I think that plenty of the guys I know would rather have something that they can use everyday.

Surfboard Bags

If you know the size of your surfers surfboard you can buy him or her a surfboard bag. There are many different qualities of surfboard bags. I have owned many different brands of surfboard bags over the years. Depending how you are going to use the bag will determine what surfboard bag you would will want.

If you drag your surfboard to the beach everyday its nice to have a cover or surfboard bag I like Dakine its a brand that is good quality and good price.

Gift Cards for your Surfer

One year I really needed a new surfboard but it seemed that I just didnt have enough cash to just go out and buy the surfboard I wanted. My friends got together and bought me a gift card on Amazon. I bought a surfboard, surf trunks and  surf wax. I was set for the year! So if you cant think of anything or you are just not sure get a gift certificate. 

Seriously it put a smile on my face to know that I could go on Amazon and buy and surfboard I wanted. Almost all major surfboards are on Amazon!

Surf Wax

If you know the type of wax that your surfer uses, there is nothing like having all the surf wax you need. Depending where your surfer surfs there are different types of surf wax for different types of water temps. Surf waxes come in many different scents and colors. I prefer grape or strawberry smelling wax. Not surf why. Believe me most surfers will appreciate the gift of surf wax. Of course Sex Wax is probably still the best surf wax for me the is!.


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  • Injeans profile image

    Injeans 7 years ago from Los Angeles Jam

    Nice. Dig the board shorts selection. There's some pretty cool ones out from Lightning Bolt (Gerry Lopez's former company) too, they're going back to the short-shorts days.

  • salt profile image

    salt 7 years ago from australia

    A good straw sun hat and some zinc would be good. Love the smell of bees wax!