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The Best 3 Fly Rods for Sale Under $70--2020 Review

Updated on November 30, 2019

Catch the Most Fish on the Fly!

Fly fishing is one sport that many fishermen have come to enjoy since it allows them to test their skills against a river or stream. Having the right fly rod is often the make or break point for these fishermen as they try their hand at casting their lines just right to hit that sweet spot where the fish are just waiting to take a bite of the fly or lure being used.

Some of the best fly rods on the market can be some of the most expensive as is the case with many products. These high prices aren’t feasible for most fishermen, who just want to enjoy some time outdoors and catch a few fish...not do it for a career (unfortunately).

Finding a decent fly rod at a reasonable price shouldn’t be too much to ask. In truth, it isn’t. There are actually three different fly rods for sale that are very affordable through the website, Each of them are priced between $25 and $70 and all have great reviews to back up their reasonable price and quality.

So what are the best rods for the money?

As we explore the three different rods that are worth your investment, you’ll find that we have ranked them based on their merits, such as price, durability, ease of use and assembly. These rankings are based partly on reviews through Amazon’s website. I tell you this because, after years of shopping at Amazon, I have found reviews an excellent and reliable source in making my buying decision. My desire with this article is to aggregate my opinion with that of scores of other real buyers to help you fine tune your shopping for these rods.

When it comes to having the best fly rod your money can buy, you shouldn’t have to settle for the bottom of the barrel. With the ones we’ll discuss below, you’ll find you won’t have to sacrifice quality for budgetary reasons.

#1. Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod, 2 Piece

Made from a fiberglass material and usually assembled from 2 pieces, you’ll find that these rods enjoy an approval rating of 98% customer satisfaction. Seems pretty amazing for any one thing to maintain such a high rating considering the many different fly rods available and fishermen's varying tastes.

It’s touted to be one of the most accurate fly rods you’ll find on the market as it’s quick action and easy loading make it suitable for even the most inexperienced fly fisherman to cast his line and bring something back within a short amount of time.

These rods are highly recommended largely because they are so lightweight, durable, and dependable...cast after cast.

So, in examining this rod, the pros are:

1. Inexpensive

2. Accurate

3. Lightweight

4. Quick action and easy loading

The cons that seem to surface regularly:

1. Construction could be more intuitive

With so many reviews raving about how well this inexpensive rod works compared to higher-end models, it can make one sorely tempted to try it out. Fortunately, you can give it a spin without breaking the bank.


#2. Okuma SLV Graphite 4-Piece Fly Rod

This rod almost tied with the Eagle Claw fly rod since it enjoys another high rating of customer satisfaction with a whopping 96%. This fly rod, however, is made from graphite and is assembled from four pieces, which is a couple more than the Eagle Claw. With reviews that fairly match those of the Eagle Claw in its durability and easy use, this moderate-fast action rod has retained the honor of being especially suited to those with some experience in the art of fly fishing. While beginners will find this rod harder to handle, there are assurances that some practice will quickly solve the problem.

You can enjoy a longer cast with this rod compared to other rods on the market with its slightly heavier weight and its faster action than a moderate fly rod within the same class. Some have had great success with catching salmon and other fish upwards of 20 pounds, which isn’t too shabby considering the weight of this rod.

With some drawbacks like misaligned guides and missing assembly lines, some have found that these drawbacks aren’t much compared to the way this fly rod works while out in the water, catching fish after fish. At a bit higher pricepoint than the Eagle Claw, you’ll still find you’re getting a good bang for your buck.

Understanding different fly rod sizes

#3. Okuma Crisium Graphite 2-Piece Fly Rod

Much like the SLV fly rod, this Crisium fly rod by Okuma gives you the same graphite construction and lightweight feel as the SLV. The Crisium comes in at #3 because it maintains the lowest ranking of them all with a 90% approval from customers. While this is still quite high, it’s also the lowest compared to the Eagle Claw and the SLV. With its two piece assembly, it matches the easy assembly of the Eagle Claw, but it also has some weight to it (not much in the scheme of things, but enough to make a difference in casting) just as the SLV fly rod.

The biggest complaints to this rod were the tips seemed heavier than other fly rods for sale. Also, some customers had the misfortune to purchase some flawed ones that broke, but they were easily replaced through the manufacturer. Overall, this fly rod works just as well as the other two where the lure meets the water. Just a little more than $50, you’ll find this rod makes a great gift for the fisherman in your life, or a treat for yourself.

Extra advice for beginners to fly fishing...

What do you think of fly fishing?

Have you ever fly fished?

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Get on out there and grab some fish!


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