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Best gps for geocaching

Updated on October 15, 2012

What is geocaching?

In its simplest form geocaching is a real world treasure hunting game that has taken the world by storm. It is fantastic way of spending time bonding with your family and kids and getting out in the fresh air, as well as teaching the kids something about nature and the great outdoors in the process.

If you want to take part in geocaching there are two essential things you need to get started. The first is a geocaching membership, which is available from the internet and the second is a global positioning satellite ("GPS") device or enabled cell phone.

If you are interested in seeing what the world of geocaching has to offer and need some advice on which GPS unit is going t be the best for you make sure you check out this lens.

What is the best gps for geocaching?

In order to go geocaching you are going to need a GPS device. Unfortunately, GPS technology isn't free, neither is it dirt cheap buy the good news is it doesn't cost a small fortune either.

In order to go geocaching you only need a basic GPS device. There are loads of different GPS devices on the market, many of which are jam packed full of features. These features are not needed for geocaching so don't waste your hard earned money buying a GPS device that is simply too powerful. Buy a basic GPS device, have fun geocaching and save yourself some money in the process.

Check out the GPS units below for some great geocaching GPS devices.

Garmin Etrex Review

Want to see the Garmin Etrex in action? Take a look at this video footage, courtesy of Youtube, and you can see what a great GPS unit this is.

Magellan eXplorist GC Review

If you want to see the eXplorist GC in action take a look at this video footage, courtesy of Youtube. It is clearly an awesome GPS unit that is perfect for geocaching.

More GPS units for geocaching

The above are just two of the many geocaching GPS units available to buy. If you want a larger selection to have a look through checkout these GPS units.

GPS enabled cell phone

If you already have a GPS enabled cell phone there is no need to shell out any more cash on another GPS enabled device as your cell phone will be more than adequate for geocaching.

Sidekick SK LX 2009 PV300 Unlocked Phone with QWERTY Keyboard - No Internet Service available - (Orchid)
Sidekick SK LX 2009 PV300 Unlocked Phone with QWERTY Keyboard - No Internet Service available - (Orchid)

If you don’t have a GPS enabled cell phone you can buy one for little money on Amazon or Ebay, such as this Sidekick. You will need to take out a contract to make it work but then contracts don’t cost that much anymore.

If you do buy a GPS enabled cell phone remember to buy one that is unlocked since these will work on any network and you won’t be tied down to a particular service provider, meaning you can search around for the best deal.


GPS enabled cell phones

If you are unsure what cell phones are GPS enabled and don't know which one to buy check out the products below. Alternatively, use the Amazon search facility and you will find loads more.

Using products you already own for geocaching

If you already have a tablet computer, PDA, ipod touch or ipad you are halfway to having a great device you can use for geocaching. In order to get your device up and working you will need to buy a GPS receiver and the relevant leads, unless yo opt for wireless bluetooth technology of course.

Separate GPS receivers for the "fashionable" products, such as the ipad and ipod touch are considerably more expensive than GPS receivers for older PDA models, but a receiver still works out cheaper than buying an all in one hand held GPS receiver.

So, create another use for your ipod touch or ipad or dust off the old PDA (if you have access to one) and grab yourself a GPS receiver for some geocaching fun.

GPS receivers for non Apple products

If you own a non Apple product and want a GPS receiver there are loads of different products available to you. Check out the products below or use the Amazon search facility to find the GPS receiver that works for your particular device.

Still haven't found the perfect GPS device?

If you are on the look out for a handheld GPS unit and none of the above are quite what you are looking for then check out the items below. Don't worry if you still can't see what you are after as the Amazon search facility will help you find the perfect handheld GPS unit for you.

Idiots Guide to Geocaching

For a book which clearly sets out what geocaching is in layman's terms you need to check out the Idiot's Guide to Geocaching. Despite its name, there is also some very useful information for seasoned geocachers.

Geocaching handbook

Another useful guide all about geocaching, and all at a very good price.

GPS navigation guide

If you want to know how to get the best out of your GPS navigation system take a look at this book.

Even more geocaching books on Amazon

If you want even more books about geocaching check out the products below, alternatively use the Amazon search facility and you will find even more geocachnig books you may be interested in.

If you know of any other gps units that are ideal for geocaching (only the cheap basic ones please) please feel free to spread the word by signing my guestbook.

Any useful recommendations?

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