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Best Keychain Multi Tool

Updated on January 24, 2013

The Best Keychain Multi Tool For 2012

The Swiss Tech multi-tool is a very neat little tool. It has three different philips heads three different flat heads. Along with that is has a hand drill, ruler, pliers, wire strippers, wire cutters, and more. There is 19 tools on this device and you can have it all on your keychain for immediate use whenever you need it.

This tool comes in handy in all types of everyday situations such as

  • fixing your glasses

  • working on models

  • cutting wires

  • drilling a hole

This tool is small, compact, easy to use, and made with quality materials.

Keychain Multi Tool - Get this great swiss tech tool on Amazon now

This keyring multi tool is great for use all the time but was made with fishing in mind. Keep it close because you'll never know when you will need it.

keychain multi tool
keychain multi tool

Swiss Tech MMCSSS Micro-Max 19-in-1 Keychain Multitool

I love this tool. It works really well for fishing if you are into fishing and always carry around to many tools. Now you can carry just one tool and do everything with it. This tool has many uses and with 19 different tools it is just what you need on the go.

This tool is also great to have with you in the car for emergencies. You wont be changing any tires with it but you will have access to a screwdriver, drill, pliers, wire cutters, and much more.

swiss tech tool
swiss tech tool

Multi Tool Keychain Uses

Here are some uses for this Swiss Tech tool

I have found five great uses for this tool.

  • Use the hand drill to make a new hole is your belt

  • Tighten your loose glasses

  • Strip and cut wire

  • Fix your r/c cars, helicopters, or planes

  • Open your beer

There is plenty more that you can do with this, just think of all the possibilities.

See The Swiss Tech Multi-Tool In Action - Watch this Youtube video to see how this swiss tech tool works

swiss tech multi-tool
swiss tech multi-tool

Pros For The swiss tech multi-tool

What positives this tool has for you

This is a great little tool that has multiple uses. Here are just a few positives that this tool has

  • Lightweight

  • Fits on your keychain and does not take up much space

  • 19 great tools for use

    Great for use with sports such as r/c vehicles or fishing

swiss tech tool
swiss tech tool

Negatives of the swiss tech tool

What others say they do not like

Though there is not much bad about this tool. But there have been some complaints that I have seen over and over.

  • The tool is too small to hold so you can not use it to its fullest potential.

  • Clasp is weak on the pliers sometimes.

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Best Keychain Multi Tool
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Keyring Multi Tool for Fishing

Best Keychain Multi Tools

My favorite tools on a keychain multi-tool is the pliers. There are some many uses for pliers that it is a great thing to have on you at all times. Example:

  • You can tighten screws

  • Get hooks out of a fishes mouth

  • Pull that nail out of your tire

Best Swiss Army Knife For a Keychain

Do You Think Swiss Tech Makes The Best Keychain Multi Tool - Let me know your opinion

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I have had a micro mini multi tool for 15 years or so, no name on it except USA, and it has been the best tool I have ever had, just can find who made it?

    • John Uwen profile image

      John Uwen 5 years ago

      I'm a gadget guy myself. I've never had one this small, but it looks great.