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Best Netball Coaching Drills for Effective Training

Updated on September 8, 2014

A netball team needs to perform training drills that improve and build upon their skill levels. Coaches should use netball training drills that will have a positive impact on their performance. We look at some of the best netball training drills to enhance your skills and fitness levels.


Warm up before training drills

Before starting any netball training session, it is important that you do some warm up exercises. These will put your body in the right condition to train without injuries.

  • Jogging across the length of the netball court several times. Keep increasing the speed on every progressive round to build on your stamina.
  • Jog six steps forward then two steps back across the length of the court. Ensure the steps are even and that you keep as straight a posture as possible.
  • Players move in a zig-zag manner across the court. Each player starts of in one direction then abruptly uses one leg to spring off in another direction. Coordination is important here as there is a possibility of players bumping into each other.

Netball Shooting Drills Training

Shooting is very important in the game of netball as it has a direct impact on whether a team wins or loses. Without shooting skills, netball games would end up in barren draws!

Training for the key shooting skills will give you a definite edge in the game. You should use a big chunk of your time to develop this skill.

No matter which skill you are trying to train for, these shooting drills are beneficial to all ages and skill level.

Shooting drill #1

In this drill, a single player stands close to the post and aims to score. When practiced diligently, this technique will improve the shot at goal accuracy and conversion ratio.

Stand close to the post with both legs slightly apart. Ensure that you are comfortable and balanced with both feet and hips in a forward facing direction.

Lift the ball above your head using your main hand. Turn your fingers to face backwards with the ball resting on your hand. Use the other hand to support the ball and make sure that your elbows are slightly. Hold that position for a few seconds and ensure that it is as per the steps above.

Push up on your ankle while maintaining a balanced position, aim for the net then release the ball by flicking your wrists. Practice with different distances and positions.

Shooting drill #2

This drill is for training the player to accurately shoot a ball at goal with one foot raised in the air. It builds on the stationery position described above. But this time with the dominant foot raised and an element of distraction added to improve on concentration.

Stand close to the post and move forward with your weakest foot. Raise the dominant foot and aim for the net as described in the first shooting drill.

Add more complexity and variety to the drill by using a second player to pass the ball to you while you run towards the post. You can also add a small crowd to taunt and shout as normal spectators would. By doing this, you will enhance your concentration levels. This is because you will be practicing to stay focused despite background distractions.

Play the video below as many times as you wish to get a real feel of the move then apply what you will have learnt in real practice sessions.

Netball Passing Training Drills

Just like shooting, passing is another important skill that all the netball players are required to know. Passing can make the difference between winning and losing a game of netball.

With the right passes, you will gain complete control of the court and your opponent will be left dazzled. There are several basic netball passing drills that you need to include in your training program. Here are passing techniques that you must learn so as to get an edge in your game.

Passing Drill #1

The shoulder pass training is a drill that gives you the ability to throw the ball over the long distances on the court. Learning to execute the shoulder pass in the right way will give you dominance over your opponents. Practice makes perfect and the more you do it, the more you skill levels increase.

For this training drill, you will need one ball between every two players who will stand opposite each other. You hold the ball with one hand above your head and slightly behind you shoulder. Pass the ball back and forth between your training partner with a focus on increasing the speed and accuracy of your passes.

As you get better, add some flavour to the training session by increasing the distance between partners, adding a defenders and doing the whole exercise as a group. This additional difficulty improves your skills further to match the fast-paced nature of a real netball game situation.

Passing Drill #2

The bounce pass is a simple passing drill that has a big impact on the quality of your game. This is because it is a short distance passing technique that will make a difference when you are in a tight position faced by defenders.

To practice this training drill, two players will face each other at a distance that is convenient to them. Using both hands, they will bounce the ball at a position mid-distance at an ever increasing speed and distance.

For more variety you can change from a stationery receiver to a moving receiver. You may also add a defender into the mix just to make things a little more interesting. Further, you may add more players in a circle or straight line bouncing pass.


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