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Best Running Compression Socks | For Men and Women

Updated on September 6, 2012

Compression Socks: What's The Hype All About?

Traditionally compression socks are used to improve blood circulation to prevent clots from forming especially in patients who are bed bound or in the hospital. Those who have a higher risk of developing clots in their legs from being bed bound also wear them longer than the average person.

In sports, compression socks are said to improve blood flow and hence circulation. Some studies have shown that it does help improve running performance. But I was quite sceptical about this. During my research, I've discovered a few studies that have looked into this area and other related areas to running and performance too.

One study by Ali et al. (2007) showed that there wasn't any performance improvements after a 10k run but it did show that muscle sorness was less and the post-recovery process is faster. Another study performed later in 2009 by Kremmier et al. (2009) showed improved performance and better lactate threshold. Other studies done much earlier in 1987 by Berry et al.showed that lactate clearance is significantly improved after a treadmill test which means better performance in the short term

However, most of these studies do not actually test out athletes who do long distance running. It is generally agreed by the running community that compression stockings to help with reducing soreness and improved recovery but most would think that it is only necessary in certain situations. Another way to wear these socks is to wear it after running for a few hours. You will begin to feel less pain and ankle soreness post-runs.

Having said that for 10 -20km runs or less, compression socks may be of some benefit. So if you want to see if you will have any performance improvements, check out some of these running compression socks.

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CEP Men's Running Compression Socks - The Best Compression Socks For Top Quality, Comfort and Performance

CEP is known for its high quality sports accessories and running socks. But why am I choosing this product to review first? No it is not because it is one of the top selling running compression socks.

It is mainly due to its comfort and breathability when wearing it. It fits really well and snugly fits into your foot providing that you choose the right size. The silver ions is antibacterial which means less odour. Post calf tightness will be almost a thing of the past and you will recover much faster from muscle fatigue on the day after your runs.

Check it out!

CEP Women's Running Compression Socks - The Perfect Choice for Women!

Just like the CEP Men's socks, it has all the features to improve post running muscle tightness, recovery period, and an improvement in performance (may vary between individuals). A great way for the ladies and even men to test it out is to go for your runs at your best and see if it improves performance. Wear it during your races or marathons.

So far, most of those I know who wear this socks would rather wear them than not. Some of them even wear them while going out to get the groceries! Of course, this is up to you but if you read up from sites like Runner's World and other professional running websites, you will know that there is a general recommendation towards using running compression socks.

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How to Wear Compression Socks

Another Great Alternative - Cheaper But Still Great Product

Vitalsox Italy Recovery, "On Your Feet All Day" TRUE Graduated Compression Socks, Silver Drystat
Vitalsox Italy Recovery, "On Your Feet All Day" TRUE Graduated Compression Socks, Silver Drystat

This Vitalsox Compression socks is cheaper than the above CEP socks but that doesn't mean it is worse off!

In fact, I would say that this socks is on par with the CEP socks and if you feel like the CEP socks is overpriced, then try this. CEP may be a recognized brand and hence you may pay more but why pay more when this product does the same thing?

Here is what one customer comment about this product:

"I'm new to running but I decided that getting this pair of socks would improve my mileage. I used this mostly after my runs and wear it for 4-5 hours and boy they work really well! I have less ankle pain, much less calf soreness. I would highly recommend it!"


Other Running Compression Socks

Injinji 2012 Performance Compression Toe Socks
Injinji 2012 Performance Compression Toe Socks

This pair of Injinji Performance Compression Socks does the same job but may be a bit tighter than other products mentioned.

But this is a matter of personal preference on what you prefer to wear.


Whether or not you use compressions socks, I am sure you must use shoes and socks for running. Some of you may be more into the whole running thing and wear more gears. What are your preferences? Share your thoughts!

What Do You Wear For A Run / Jog?

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      cwilson360 4 years ago

      just started looking into these types of socks. great lens. thanks for info!