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Best Spinning Reel Under 100

Updated on March 7, 2012

Both new and experienced anglers love to use spinning reel to catch fish because it takes only a few minutes to learn the technique of this fishing catching reel. the main function of a spinning reel is to cast a fish line attached with a hook and bait and the rest of the work one has to do it to wait for the fish to give a few delightful bite on the bait .if you are a new angler and want to buy a quality spinning reel then you should know a few basic thing about it because you can never be satisfied with a product without knowing how it will serve your purpose. In fact you can only buy a spinning reel that suite your needs the best. So, please read the following paragraphs to learn the criteria of a quality spinning reel:

What I need to check before buying a spinning reel?

  • Light weight
  • Line capacity (how many yards)
  • Strong and durable
  • An effective anti-reverse handle
  • A good drag mechanism
  • Easy to handle
  • Gear Ratio
  • Reel back the fishing line with ease
  • Reel capacity

best spinning reel
best spinning reel | Source

First of all, your reel needs to be light weight so as it does not strain your write while you are waiting for this fish to come to your bait. Secondly, a spinning reel needs to be strong. Most of the reels found in the market are made of either aluminum or graphite. As you know that aluminum are extremely light weighted and durable, while graphite

So, at times it may be an aluminum made reel that will be helpful to catch large-sized fish. Thirdly, try to check the drag mechanism of your spool, which is basically used to control the speed of the spool. You can ask any user of spinning reel, of any particular brand, about how they feel about the drag system of a specific brand that you want to buy. Another thing you need to consider is the gear ration. For instance if you see a gear ratio specification 4:1, it means that the bail rotes only four time with a single turn of the handle. Normally, the higher the bail ratio the lesser you need to work to pull back all the line back into your reel. Finally, check the reel capacity: for example the reel capacity of 90/8 means 90 yards/ 8 pounds. The number 8 is actually an average number. The size of fish can be of size between

Who should use spinning reel?

If you are going to fish for the first time and want to catch relative small fish then spinning reel is the best solution because it takes little time to lern how to manage it, unlike bait casters.

Price of a spinning reel

Depending on the quality of the products, the price of a spinning reel can be somewhere from 60-150 USD.

Spinning Reel Basics

Who are selling quality spinning reel?

Some of the following brand you can take a look at while deciding to find the best match for your spinning-reel. But these brands are just to give you an idea about the spinning reel manufactures. Once you make your list of the functionalities that you want to have in your reel then you can select any good brand that math your specifications.

  • Shimano spinning reel
  • Daiwa
  • Penn

Every brand selling spinning reels have its pros and cons. So, there is no such thing as the best spinning reel. You can only look for a spinning reel that it durable, easy-to-use and cost effective: which pretty much come close to the definition of the majority’s choice of a spinning reel. Finally, every anglers need to learn more about the functions and feature of his reel so that he can fully enjoy his time while go for fishing.


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