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Best Tactical Scopes AR-15

Updated on January 12, 2016

Get the Scoop on the Very Best Scopes for a AR 15

If you're looking for the bestAR 15 scope to buy you've come to the right place, as below you'll find the top three choices at various price points.

Not all shooters are created equal and the same is true of AR 15 scopes, as some people just want a basic scope to give their new rifle a whirl at the range while others are looking for a top of the line Trijicon ACOG Scope that they'll spare no expense to get their hands on.

We've sorted through all the options and have three strong scope contenders below, based on field tests, reviews of customers on Amazon, and the general reputation and craftsmanship of the manufacturer.

Best AR 15 scope under $200
Best AR 15 scope under $200

Best AR 15 Scope Under $200

The VISM Evolution Scope is our absolute favorite entry-level scope as it packs a ton of features and quality craftsmanship but it's very easy on the wallet, outperforming other AR scopes that cost twice as much.

Made by NcStar -- one of the best known and most trusted scope makers -- the VISM Evolution is a very flexible AR 15 scope with 4x magnification for distance and 1x for sighting in at much closer quarters.

This scope comes with MilDot or Sniper reticles, with glass etched reticles that are crisp and bright in a variety of conditions and settings. The 4 inch eye relief gives you some wriggle room with most ARs that you won't find in other scopes where you have less eye relief to work with.

Bottom line: the VISM Evolution Scope is one of the best values around and a great first scope -- or a backup scope -- to buy for any AR 15.

Best AR 15 scope under $500
Best AR 15 scope under $500

Best AR 15 Scope Under $500

If you step up to the under $500 category you'll have a ton of great AR 15 scopes to choose from, with the Burris AR-332 beating out the crowd here as the top scope for your money in the under $500 category.

This scope is durable and very flexible, with a red/green reticle and great performance in a wide range of settings; this Burris scope is solidly built and holds up well in many different settings, include distance shooting as well as close-up work.

Happy customers only have great things to say about the Burris AR-332, which packs a powerful punch for its price and performs well in every category across the board.

Best AR 15 Scope at any price
Best AR 15 Scope at any price

Best AR 15 Scope at Any Price

Scope enthusiasts will tell you that it doesn't get any better than the 4X32 Trijicon ACOG Scope for your AR-15, which is the gold standard for many when it comes to the very best scope around.

The dual-sighting system performs flawlessly in day and night and the aiming system uses a Bullet Drop Compensated (BDC) reticle that comes calibrated to the trajectory of both 5.56 and .223 cartridges.

Trijicon ACOGs are some of the best AR 15 scopes every made and it's hard to go wrong with the very best.

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