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Most Popular Thrill Rides

Updated on April 14, 2014

Hold on to your panties, i'm going to give you the best thrill ride ideas, in the world. If you want an adrenaline rush, you have come to right spot. There are millions, upon millions of rides on the earth. Hope you enjoy


Slingshot is located in Kings Island, and is a very scary amusement device that propels you 300 feet in the air going 100 miles per hour. This ride is as scary as it is exciting, and is powered by springs that launches you in the air. Slingshot also propels you at a 160 miles per hour speed, and you also have to wear a very unique body suit for safety reasons.


Insanity is a very unique thrill ride, that is located within Las Vegas, Insanity is a very unique device that you are strapped into over nine hundred feet in the air. The device turns at very high speeds, and will make you feel like puking. Insanity is an extremely popular thrill ride all over the world, and millions of people have grown to love this very unique thrill ride.


Zulu is a circular ride that raises you in a 90 degree angle, and turns guests upside down before returning you to the ground. Make sure you leave your change with someone else, before doing this thrill ride. Zulu is located within Kansas City, and has grown to be one of the most popular thrill rides in the entire world. Zulu is one of the rides that you have to try out, and will probably make you sick.

Intimidator 305

Intimidator 305 is a very unique thrill ride located within Virginia, and was opened in early 2010. Intimidator 305 is three hundred and five feet off the ground, and has been voted as the most popular thrill ride in the world. Intimidator 305 has a descend of about eighty five degrees, and millions of visitors come to this location to ride this very unique ride.


Fahrenheit is a very different thrill ride, that is about one hundred and twenty feet tall. Fahrenheit is an extremely fast roller coaster, and has been voted a very popular thrill ride. Fahrenheit makes you go slowly up the roller coaster as it hits the top you go back down at over one hundred miles an hour.

Tower Of Terror

Tower of Terror is a free fall like thrill ride, and was opened in early 1997. Tower of Terror is goes up about one hundred and twenty feet in the air, and you fall at about one hundred and sixty miles per hour. Tower of Terror definitely has a good name, because at the end of it you will be scared to death. Tower of Terror is an extremely popular ride, and you will definitely have an adrenaline rush after completing this scary ride.

Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is a roller coaster ride, that takes adventure in a new direction. This will be an adrenaline filled adventure, that takes you though Mount Everest. This roller coaster lies in the heart of Disney world. Definitely a thrill ride you do not want to pass


Thunderhawk is a adrenaline filled thrill ride, It is located in michigan. Thunderhawk lifts you 60 feet in the air, by rotating you forwards and backwards. Hold on to your stomachs with this one.


Invertigo, is a roller coaster ride in Kings Island. This is the only roller coaster in the world that has face to face inverts. This thrill ride is what thrill seekers have been looking for. Invertigo shoots you backwards, 138 feet in the air. There are lots of twists and turns though this exciting adventure you will not want to miss!


Delirium thrill ride, is located in Kings Island, Ohio. Delirium twists and turns you in the air at a 240 degree angle, spinning you up in the air to reach 137 feet in the air. This ride is definitely for all those thrill seekers out there.

These are some of the most exciting thrill rides in the world. There are many, many more. If you are interested in finding more information about some of the world craziest thrill rides. There are various sites you can check out over the web. If you have any experiences you would like to share with the public, feel free to leave a comment.


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