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The best zumba dance shoes reviewed

Updated on July 13, 2015

Awesome zumba dance shoes

The best Zumba dance shoes will help you get the most out of your Zumba dance classes - fact. This seems pretty obvious, but what are the best zumba dance shoes? When doing any sporting or physical activity having the right shoes can make all the difference to your workout performance and, ultimately, enjoyment of the workout. If you wear the wrong shoes you face the possibility of chaffing, sores, blisters and sore toes. What's more is you may end up with swollen and achy ankles or even shin splints. The type of footwear you wear really does make a difference and many people fail to realise this. If Zumab is your thing you really do need the best Zumba dance shoes.

If you are looking for some zumba dance shoes that are protective, comfortable, and something that will keep your feet cool, you have come to the right place. This article focuses on some of the best zumba dance shoes currently available, and they look great too. Who said functional has to be boring? This definitely isn't the case with these zumba dance shoes.

So, for some of the best zumba dance shoes please do check out the rest of this article.

Ryka Synergy Zumba Shoes

Ryka ladies specific fitness shoes are made on a woman's last (the mold or shape of a woman's foot) and the Synergy Zumba sneakers are no different. Ryka were the top selling brand of Zumba shoes in 2012 and this looks set to continue well in to 2013, and perhaps beyond. When you try a pair of Ryka Zumba shoes you will see just how good they are.

Ryka Synergy Zumba shoes feature a synthetic, leather and mesh upper with a fully breathable mesh lining, which means your feet will stay cool and comfortable during your Zumba classes. The Ryka Synergy shoes are also light-weight and you will hardly know you are wearing them. These Zumba shoes are available in a variety of colours, although they look best in black and pink.

If you are looking to buy some top rated Zumba shoes the Ryka Synergy should definitely be on your shortlist.

Capezio DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Unlike other Zumba dance shoes the Capezio DS24 Rockit dance sneaker are a single block color and a little understated. If you don't want people to instantly stare at your sneakers the Capezio Zumba dance shoes are the shoes for you. Whilst these Zumba dance shoes may not look like much they are an awesome pair of shoes that are light, comfortable and a really nice fit. The Zumba dance shoes are well padded and will protect your arches, so they are definitely worth a purchase.

Nike Musique III

If you are a Nike fan then the Nike Musique zumba shoes are going to be the perfect shoes for your zumba dance classes. Like all Nike sneakers these zumba shoes are stylish, supportive and very comfortable.

The Nike Musique zumba shoes will ensure your feet, ankles and shins stay protected throughout the entire zumba class.

Capezio Freedom Dansneaker

Another great pair of Zumba dance sneakers by Capezio is the Freedom Dansneaker. These shoes may look a little weird but they are super protective, super comfortable and also affordable. These sneakers are well padded and will look after your arches, which means you can carry on dancing all day long and totally pain free.

Zumba Z-Kickz Dance shoe

For a great pair of Zumba dance shoes check out these Z-KickZ Zumba branded sneakers. These stylish looking Zumba shoes are tough and durable, yet comfortable to keep you dancing through your entire zumba class. The Zumba branded sneakers are expensive but they are worth every cent ad come highly rated.

Zumba Z-Kickz II Dance shoe

If you like the Z-Kickz, but consider them a bit dull and boring then take a look at the three tone Zumba Z-Kickz II dance sneakers. These sneakers are just as comfortable and tough as the Z-Kickz but a bit more brash and "in yer face". If you want your feet to really stand out during your Zumba dance class these are the Zumba dance shoe to be seen in.

Best Zumba dance shoes - Zumba Z1 shoes - For something a little different

Zumba Women's z1-w, White, 9 W US
Zumba Women's z1-w, White, 9 W US

These Zumba branded Z1 shoes were designed by zumba teachers for zumba pupils, therefore they are made specifically for Zumba dance classes. These zumba shoes are light, comfortable and made out of breathable material to ensure your feet won’t get too hot. The Z1 zumba shoes may not be as colourful as the zumba branded clothing but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Overall, these zumba shoes are great and well worth looking at if you want a decent pair of shoes for your zumba dance classes.


Best Zumba dance shoes - Z top Zumba shoes - The ultimate in ankle protection

Zumba Women's Z-top Dance Shoe,Black,7 M US
Zumba Women's Z-top Dance Shoe,Black,7 M US

These zumbra branded Z-top shoes may look more like something you would wear in the boxing ring but don’t let the looks fool you as these shoes are made specifically for zumba dance.

The Z-top shoes are higher than standard zumba shoes and provide a little more support to the ankles, which makes them ideal for anyone with weak ankles, or anyone who simply likes a higher dance shoe. The Z-top zumba shoes may not look the best zumba shoes out there but they are very good and well worth investigating.


Best zumba dance shoes - Studio D Zumba shoes - Affordable Ryka sneakers

Ryka Women's Studio D Training Shoe,Granite/Gun Metal,7 M
Ryka Women's Studio D Training Shoe,Granite/Gun Metal,7 M

Studio D zumba shoes are another pair of zumba shoes that look like standard sneakers. Studio D zumba shoes have manmade uppers, which makes them stronger and more supportive than other materials. This is good since it offers the feet more support during your vigorous zumba dance classes.

Studio D zumba shoes may look a bit drab and masculine but they are a very good pair of Zumba shoes that may be perfect for you.


Top 5 tips on buying the best Zumba dance shoes

Confused what Zumba dance shoes to buy? Check out my top 5 tips to ensure you get the best Zumba dance shoes for you.

  1. Zumba dance shoes must be the right size. This sounds obvious but there are loads of people that buy the wrong size shoes. Too small and your feet are going to be nipped up. Too big and you are likely to get blisters. Make sure you buy the right size.
  2. Zumba dance shoes must be comfortable. This sounds obvious but there are many people out there that will buy Zumba dance shoes that "will do", but this is not good enough. Zumba dance shoes must be comfortable to ensure you get the most out of your Zumba class.
  3. Zumba dance shoes must be supportive to ensure the feet, ankles and other joints and muscles are protected during your Zumba class.
  4. Zumba shoes should absorb shock well. Zumba involves a lot of jumping around therefore the best Zumba dance shoes have soles that are good shock absorbers.
  5. Zumba dance shoes must have the right amount of grip. Zumba involves a lot of sliding, which means Zumba dance shoes with a lot of grip won't work. Similarly, too little grip and you are going to be slipping over and doing yourself some damage. The best Zumba dance shoes has enough grip to stop you falling over but not too much that won't allow you to easily glide over the floor.

Odor eaters economy pack

If you want to keep your Zumba shoes fresh and smelling nice I highly recommend investing in some odor eater insoles, and they don't come much better than these.

These odor eaters are a "one size fits all" and all you have to do is measure them up against your Zumba shoes, mark around the sole, cut out with a sharp pair of scissors and insert in to your Zumba dance shoes. Simples.

There is a lot of "science" blurb on the packaging of this product, much of which I don't really understand. To be honest, I don't really care I don't understand it because all I want to know is that the odor eaters I am going to buy and use will help keep my Zumba shoes in good condition and smelling nice, and I can conform that is exactly what these odor eaters do. I find each odor eater has a life of around 8 weeks - 10 weeks in my Zumba dance shoes, and I do attend a lot of classes.

I have tried a few pairs of odor eaters in my Zumba dance shoes however these are definitely the best. These odor eaters not only keeps nasty niffs at bay but they are also comfortable, which is pretty cool. If you don't use odor eaters in your Zumba dance shoes I highly recommend you get some and you will notice the difference.

How to clean and maintain your Zumba shoes

Getting the most life out of your Zumba shoes

Specific Zumba dance shoes aren't cheap and when you splash out on a pair you are going to want to make them last as long as possible, right? In order to prolong the life of your Zumba shoes you need to regularly clean and maintain them. By doing this you will not only get the longest life out of your Zumba shoes but you will also stop them from stinking and keep them looking great.

This is all well and good, but what is the best way of cleaning and maintaining zumba dance shoes? For some easy to follow tips and advice that will make sure your Zumba shoes remain clean, fresh and also look good take a look at my "Do's and Don'ts" below.

Cleaning and maintaining Zumba shoes - The "Do's"

Zumba dance classes are held indoors therefore mud won't be a problem. The worst your Zumba shoes is likely to face is dust, which is easily removed by using a damp sponge or a soft brush.

A dirty sponge can actually stain your Zumba shoes and make them dirtier. So, if you use a sponge to wipe away dust make sure you use a new sponge each and every time.

To stop the mould getting to your Zumba shoes always store them in a cool, dry and well ventilated palce.

Always stuff your Zumba shoes with newspaper or kitchen roll when you are not wearing them. This not only absorbs any excess moisture but it also helps them maintain their shape, and we all know that when shoes lose their shape they become uncomfortable and cause blisters.

Cleaning and maintaining Zumba shoes - The "Don'ts"

Never use harsh and abrasive brushes to get rid of dust as these can damage your Zumba shoes. Always use soft brushes and put in a little more effort to clean your shoes.

Never wash your Zumba shoes in the washing machine as this is likely to damage your washing machine and/or damage your Zumba shoes. If you must wash your Zumba shoes hand wash them in cool water.

Never use any strong detergents or washing powder. If you insist on washing your Zumba shoes use mild liquid soaps and detergents.

If you insist on washing your Zumba shoes always allow them to drip dry naturally and never put them on the heater or radiator to dry them off. Putting Zumba shoes on the heater or radiator will make the material dry out too quickly and cause it to go brittle and crack.

If you have any other great zumba dance shoes suggestions please feel free to note them down in my guestbook. Thanks.

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