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Best Zumba® Fitness Choreography

Updated on January 24, 2013

Why Zumba® Anyway?

Are you looking for the best Zumba® Fitness choreography out there? If so, you have come to the right place!

You may be asking yourself "Why should I do Zumba® anyway?

Because it is going to be the most fun you will ever have working out! Unless, of course you enjoy running on a treadmill getting nowhere, or stepping up on a platform over and over and over again! Zumba® Fitness classes are more like a party than a workout. What is really neat about it is the fact that no two instructors are alike! They all use different songs and have different choreography.

Burning Calories, Baby!!!

If you really get into it you can burn anywhere from 600 - 1000 calories each class! Bet you can't do that in a hour on a treadmill!


Below you will find videos of some of the choreography my wife has used and/or is currently using in her classes. I will continually add more videos as I find them. Maybe one day I'll convence her to get on camera and record some of the routines we have made up! Be on the look out for more videos periodically! Some of the videos contain choreography that we don't use or that had been modified to fit our classes.

Buy Zumba® Fitness Games on Amazon

I don't have any of these gaming systems and haven't tried these games out but from what I hear from classmembers and friends is that Zumba® Fitness is fun and a really good workout! If you can't make it to a class (which is the absolute best way to experience Zumba) then I would suggest trying the game out! Or if they don't offer enough classes in your area you should go the game route as well.

Prrrum - Battle Song

This is a class favorite. It really gets the class going and in a good mood...JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!

Turn it Up - Korean HipHop

This is my favorite Zumba routine as of this moment! It gets your heart pumpin' and gets everyone excited. Turn it up is without a doubt one of the class favorites. There are only two options either LOVE it or you HATE it!...hahaha.

Run Away Baby - Hip Hop

This routine was created by a good friend Rod. Another class favorite, and just a fun song.

Look good at your next Zumba® Class - Get the gear everyone is wearing!

Too Legit To Quit - M.C. Hammer

The routine was created by me and is an excellent arm workout! It's always good to put in a throw back to the good ol days of the late 80s early 90s.


This one is just plain fun! You get to use a little fancy footwork! It will take some practice and you will have to start off slow, but give it a few times and you will be a pro!

Hello Goodmorning

This is a personal favorite and also created by my good friend Rod.

Clap Your Hands - Korean HipHop

Yet another Korean HipHop routine. I don't know what it is about the Korean HipHop that people love but this is another class favorite! I think most of them just like hopping around! This is one of my favorites as well. Great for the calves and cardio.

Baby I like it

This one is FAST paced and lots of fun! Watch everyones' faces as they "swirl it down", especially the first few times!

Video Poll

This is your chance to chime in on what you think of the videos posted above. Don't worry about hurting my feelings...i'm not in the videos!...hahaha. Thanks for your participation.

Which video from above do you think is the most entertaining?

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Shawty Got Moves

Another class favorite...this one gets the class pumped up. It is easy to follow and everyone loves an opportunity to shake it!

Let me know how you ZUMBA. Do you go to a class? Do you have the DVDs? Do you have the video game?

What do you like about Zumba? Has it helped get you back in shape?

How do you Zumba®

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