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The Best Websites for Daily Fantasy Baseball Information

Updated on June 26, 2011

To Win Fantasy Baseball, You Need an Edge

Fantasy baseball is not for the average fan. It takes a level of commitment most fantasy football aficionados would cower from.

The baseball season is a daunting 162-game gauntlet. A dauntlet , if you will. It chews up the 16-game NFL season and spits it out. To win your fantasy baseball league you will need to follow each Major League baseball team's minor league system, trade deadline acquisitions and disabled list moves throughout the entire year to give yourself the best chance to win. Your league's draft is just the beginning and choosing your favorite team's players isn't going to cut it. Not in fantasy baseball, my friend. No, sir.

But, let's face it, you probably don't have 24/7 to commit to your fantasy baseball team. You probably don't even have 12/4 or 8/3 (or any fraction, for that matter). Odds are you have to go to work for a living, drive your kids to soccer practice and talk about your 401(k) with your spouse. Am I right? Totally.


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The Answer to your Fantasy Baseball Prayers

So, what do you do? Just like Joe Cocker, you will need to get by with a little help from your friends, those being fantasy baseball advice sites.

These sites are your lifelines throughout the fantasy baseball season. They do the grunt work for you while you enjoy all the P. Diddy-esque glamor that comes with winning your league championship. These sites cover all the pitchers, hitters, teams and stats. They research baseball stats most fans have never heard of, such as BABIP (batting average on balls in play), FIP (fielding independent pitching) and LMNOP (I made that up).

Imagine how impressed your league mates will be when you spout off Chase Utley's GPA (gross production average) or Dan Uggla's G/F (ground ball fly ball ratio) or pick up a pitcher from the Baltimore Orioles farm system who later that week throws a complete game shutout against the New York Yankees. They will be very impressed. Very.

"What are these fantasy baseball advice websites?" you wonder. Well, let me tell you:

Fantasy Baseball 365

As you might have guessed, covers fantasy baseball 365 days out of the year. It is not recommended that you check the site on Christmas morning or your wedding anniversary, as other obligations should take precedence.

The site offers in-depth posts on specific players with insight as to why a certain player has had recent success or why they might be due to break out of a slump.

When you are looking for more than just a brief blurb or anecdote on the struggles of your team’s first round pick or the late-season surge of a player in your league’s free agent pool, you’ll want to give Fantasy Baseball 365 a gander.

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The gang over at drops fantasy baseball knowledge every morning of the season in their daily “Roundup” post. The “Roundup” post highlights noteworthy injuries and performances from the previous day’s games.

Other features include insight on who to pick up from your league’s waiver wire and free agent pool, information on lesser-known minor league talent and loads of guides to prepare you for your fantasy baseball draft. Perhaps the best aspect of is the quick response time to reader’s comments. Almost any question you ask is answered within an hour or two, if not minutes, which is extremely helpful for last-minute lineup decisions.

All the posts and comments are written with a splash of humor, which can be refreshing amidst stretches in the season when your team is in a slump. Overall, the site is a must-read for any fantasy baseball fan and offers advice for fantasy football, incase you swing both ways.

Fantasy Baseball 101

Class is in session 24/7 over at Fantasy Baseball 101. There is more than enough fantasy baseball information on the site for you to pull countless all-nighters. You'll want to hit up your local Piggly Wiggly for a case of Red Bull and Ramen Noodles before you sit down to soak in all that Fantasy Baseball 101 has to offer. College!

Their strategy articles shell out expert general advice, while some of their services, such as the Trade Mediator and Team Evaluator, provide direct insight to your own fantasy baseball league and team. The Team Evaluator services gives you a personal consultation regarding your roster at the beginning, middle and end of the fantasy baseball season. Unfortunately these services are not free, so you may want to scour under your couch cushions for loose change, but you know the old saying, "You have to spend money to make money ... and beat your friends in fantasy baseball." Ok, that's a fairly new saying. Anyway.

Do your homework and study the sage advice of Fantasy Baseball 101 and your team could be a A+.

Get Ready to Celebrate ...


and Hoist your League Trophy!


Fanhouse is the Sports Illustrated of the internet (other than The site covers all major professional sports and fantasy sports, including fantasy baseball.

Its daily “Fantasy Stream Team” posts are the go-to source for “streaming” advice. Streaming in fantasy baseball is a strategy where a manager will pick up a pitcher from their league’s waiver wire or free agent pool the day of the pitcher’s scheduled start and then drop them the next day and repeat the process to gain an edge in pitching stats like strikeouts and wins. Each “Stream Team” post offers a list of five to 10 pitchers owned in under 50% of ESPN and Yahoo! fantasy baseball leagues that may be advisable and available for you to pick up. The author tracks the success of his recommendations over the course of the season so you can see whether the advice is up to snuff.

Streaming can be a risky strategy, but with Fanhouse on your side, it just may be the ticket to your league’s championship.

FanGraphs is the love child of Bill James and an abacus. If you are a baseball stat junky, FanGraphs has your fix.

Everything you ever wanted to know about BABIP, G/F, WHIP and other stat acronyms is available on the site, complete with charts, graphs and quick responses to your comments and quandaries. Sometimes the information comes off as a thesis paper on rocket science written by a Mensa member, but if you can wade through the math mumbo jumbo (or if you are a regular Good Will Hunting), you’re likely to find some priceless fantasy baseball information. FanGraphs + you = Success!

Fantasy Baseball Tools

Fantasy Baseball Tools offers a wide variety of articles throughout the season and off-season on topics ranging from injury news, closer reports, lineup recommendations and waiver wire pickups. A new post is published almost every day during the season to feed your fantasy baseball fix.

One of the unique articles to Fantasy Baseball Tools is the site's in-depth interviews with players who have had a lot of success in their friends and family leagues as well as more professional leagues such as the NFBC. These interviews offer the strategy these players used to win as well as advice for visitors to the site which can be priceless to those new to fantasy baseball.

More Fantasy Baseball Websites to Consider

Honorable Mention,,,,,


Winning Fantasy Baseball Strategies, Fantasy Baseball Tips, Fantasy Baseball Keeper League Strategy

If you follow the tips, tricks and sometimes expert advice of these fantasy baseball advice websites, you should be sitting pretty at the end of the season with a Miller High Life in one hand and your league trophy in the other.


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    • theframjak profile image


      6 years ago from East Coast

      Good information. Thanks for sharing.

    • bogerk profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Midwest

      Thanks! I'm trying to post one a day, or at least 3-4 a week. I hope you keep reading!

    • esllr profile image


      7 years ago from Charlotte

      I like this one a lot! Keep it coming!


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