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Bike Helmets For City Bike Commuters

Updated on July 29, 2015

Thinking about Riding a Bike to Work? Get a Helmet First

With bike sharing programs in cities gaining more and more traction, you may be considering cycling as your means of commuting to and from work. Most recently, New York City launched their bike sharing program which put 6,000 bicycles on city streets throughout Manhattan for an annual cost of $95 to participate. This makes biking to work one of the cheapest options out there. But before you hop on, consider your safety.

While most states have bike helmet laws for children, it remains legal for adults to ride on city streets without a helmet. Although legal, this is far from safe. A bike helmet can protect the rider from bumps, concussion and worse in case of an accident.

The Lazer Armor helmets pictured here are a favorite with Urban Commuters. Their lightweight construction features plenty of ventilation to avoid arriving at work with helmet hair. Plus, they come in many colors and are affordable too. Find them on

So before you hop on a bike for a healthy, clean commute check out the options below for cool, safe bike helmets to make your urban commute as safe as it is fast.

Lazer Helmet are stylish and colorful

Lazer Armor Helmet: Matte Blue; LG
Lazer Armor Helmet: Matte Blue; LG

Always know which helmet is yours when you pick your favorite color from this collection of colorful Lazer helmets.


Nutcase Bike Helmets are Great for Commuters

"Notice-me" style plus safety innovations

Nutcase helmets are easily recognizable for their unique patterns and styles. But in addition to their eye catching style (a safety feature in itself), these helmets are full of extra features for added comfort and safety.

Their magnetic chin strap allows for one handed removal and no skin-pinching.

The handy dial adjustor helps you get a perfect fit.

Multiple vents keep your head from getting sweaty which can prevent helmet-hair syndrome once you get to the office.

Plus, with so many different styles to choose from, you don't have to worry about your co-worker "accidentally" picking up your helmet.

Looking for a Watermelon Bike Helmet?

Nutcase - Street Bike Helmet, Fits Your Head, Suits Your Soul - Watermelon, Medium
Nutcase - Street Bike Helmet, Fits Your Head, Suits Your Soul - Watermelon, Medium

Stand out from the crowd with this unique helmet! Check out other crazy styles form top helmet maker, Nutcase.


Nutcase helmets have all of the features that bicycle commuters need, for a price that fits in your budget. Find them on

Yakkay Yakka bike helmets for dressed up riders
Yakkay Yakka bike helmets for dressed up riders

Yakkay Bicycle Helmets

For the sophisticated urban cyclist

Is the sporty look just not for you? Are you cycling to work in a suit and tie and need a helmet to complete the look? Check out Yakkay Helmets. They come with removable covers that mimic the look of anything from a plaid cap to a flowered sun hat. Pedestrians will be wondering "is (s)he or isn't (s)he" as you whiz past in your decidedly non-helmet looking head gear.

Check out their many styles on, from this grey checked cap below to a luxe white fur helmet!

Yakkay Helmet Paris-black Oilskin (M - Just Cover)
Yakkay Helmet Paris-black Oilskin (M - Just Cover)

Not the bike helmet type? Try one of these helmets disguised as hats by Yakkay.

Bern bike helmets look like baseball caps
Bern bike helmets look like baseball caps

See all the colors of the Bern Brentwood Helmet

The Bern Brentwood Helmet for a Comfortable Streamlined Fit

A lightweight helmet with plenty of extras

Bern was founded in 2004 by Dennis Leedom, a sports enthusiast who wanted to create a line of helmets which could be worn across multiple sports. The resulting Bern helmets are lightweight, fashionable, and above all, versatile.

Looking for a low profile helmet that won't make you feel self conscious when your co-workers spot you pulling up to the building? The Bern Brentwood is Bern's best selling model and wins rave reviews from Amazon purchasers for its low contoured fit, light weight, and lots of extra features like a built-in removable visor and clips to keep your sunglasses secure while you ride.

Giro Xar Helmet for city bike riding
Giro Xar Helmet for city bike riding

Giro Xar Bike Helmet

A cool looking helmet that will keep your head cool

The Giro Xar helmet has modern sculpted styling and plenty of ventilation. 17 vents keep your head cool and your hair intact, and a vented visor keeps the sun out of your eyes. Easily adjustable straps make one handed adjustments possible while riding.

Although intended as a mountain or trail biking helmet, the modern styling on this helmet gives it a great attention grabbing look while riding through the streets of NYC or your city.

The Giro Xar helmet comes in attention grabbing shades like this orange one above. Perfect for standing out in the crowd during your morning commute. Find it on Amazon.

Giro Reverb Bike Helmet
Giro Reverb Bike Helmet

The Giro Reverb Urban Cycling Helmet is the perfect combination of price, style and performance for the occasional or daily cycle commuter.


Giro Reverb Urban Cycling Helmet

Modern features with retro flair

The Giro Reverb urban cycling helmet has smooth styling and there is just something decidedly cute and retro about it. Call it hipster helmet, this one reminds me of the trucker cap trend a few years ago.

With an attractive price point, removable visor and hip color combinations, this is a great helmet for the occasional cycle-to-work city dweller.


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