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Ways to Store your Bike

Updated on January 8, 2017

Where do you want to store your bike?

Where do you want to store your bike?

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The Best Bicycle Storage Devices

Bicycle storage comes in many different varieties and styles, from bike hooks to free stands. For those of us in the northern climates, storing our bike during the wintertime becomes a challenge as we want to keep our investment ready for the following season. If you don't have space to keep your bicycle on the garage floor or in the shed, you will eventually need a bike hook or some other type of bike hanger.

When looking for a storage place for your bicycles, you need to keep in mind the amount of traffic that goes by, the mounting structure, and whether you want to keep it out of the cold. Even though most cyclists will look at garage storage ideas first, hooks and other storage devices can be installed very easily in a storage locker, basement, or in your loft apartment to keep the bike safe and out of the elements.

Picture of Saris Cycle Glide

Ceiling Mounted Bicycle Storage

Bicycle lift for the ceiling, bike ceiling hoist, or ceiling-mounted hooks

The more complicated ceiling mounted bike hook, provides a system that will cause less stress on your rims. The ceiling hoist hooks onto the seat, frame, or handlebars and lifts the bicycle up to the ceiling using a series of pullies and hooks. This is great for alloy rims or places with tall ceilings.

Hoist for Multiple Bicycles

Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack, Stores 6 Bikes
Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack, Stores 6 Bikes

With six people in my family, and having to store six bikes during the winter, this is a great device and easy to install.


Ceiling Bike Rack - Hang 4 to 6 bikes on the Ceiling

Some ceiling bike racks allow you to store up to four bicycles. The slide part of this bike hook allows the bikes to be stored in very little space and then moved while still on the ceiling hook for easy access. There are even extensions to some of these devices allowing storage of six bikes at a time.

Wall Mounted Bicycle Hook

Horizontal Bike Storage

If you have space to mount bikes horizontal on your walls, you'll be interested in wall-mounted bike hooks for your bicycle. Horizontal wall mounted hooks store a bike in the same position as you ride it and fasten to the studs in the wall and can be a bike hook or a pulley system. Some of the wall mounted bike hooks flip up when they are not in use, where others can store two bicycles.

Single mount Bike Hook

Vertical Bicycle Hook

Another wall mount type bicycle hook hangs bikes on the wall vertically. These single mount wall hooks using the front wheel with the other wheel helping to balance it on the garage wall in a position that looks like the bike is riding up the wall.

Storing Multiple Bikes

Storage systems for multiple bikes

After the family is done cycling and you have multiple bikes to hang up there are a couple of storage devices you can utilize. Freestanding bicycle storage isn't attached to a wall or ceiling, but you will need room for these like a third garage bay. Motorized lifts can also be used to store multiple bikes to the ceiling. A ceiling to floor bike hanger will allow two bikes to be stored one over the other.

The Simple Bike Hook

Overhead mounted Screw Hook

The simplest and least expensive bike hook are the ceiling mounted hooks that screw into the studs in the ceiling. Either one or two overhead hooks can be used per bike and the rims of the bicycle are hooked to keep the bike in place. This obviously causes a tremendous amount of stress on the rims of the bicycle, so these are probably for your casual bike rider. I utiilize these types of hooks for my kids bikes.

How to hang a bike in a garage


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