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Biolite Camp Stove

Updated on January 7, 2015

Biolite camp stove basic overview

The Biolite camp stove is a wood burning device that eliminates the need to purchase and carry petroleum or propane based fuels. Whenever you need a camping stove you just collect dry sticks or whatever dry wood fuel is available and you are good to go. It`s fast lighting and boils water quickly. One great unique benefit to the Biolite camp stove is that it`s capable of charging small electrical devices such as your cell phone or lights via a plug-in usb port thus making it a true power on demand device that doesn`t need solar energy to achieve this.

Biolite camp stove to the rescue

The Biolite stove although designed for camping it`s proving to be a real asset when disasters occur around the globe, One example was during Huricane sandy that struck in late October 2012 leaving millions of Newyorkers without power and flooded homes.

There is no doubt that the Biolite camp stove is on the face of it a gimmicky gadget but it has proven itself to be a valuable piece of kit in many disaster type situations.

How the stove works-basics

Once the fuel is ignited a small thermoelectric powered fan pushes air through small jets into the fuel chamber, This is regulated by a copper probe and a small microprocessor that controls power output to a small rechargeable lithium ion battery powering both the fan and the usb power output port. The video below shows a biolite stove in action on a real backpack trip.

BioLite CampStove - Review - 4 Day Trial - Back Pack Trip

"Bugout Biolite"

I have to say that the whole apocalyptic "Bugout" situation is a bit far-fetched for me, however I must admit that if I was of that mentality the Biotlite camp stove would probably find it`s way into my bugout survival kit - simply because you can burn pine cones or whatever wood based fuel you can find laying around, enabling you to boil water quickly and charge up your smart phone for it`s GPS capabilities, making the Biolite camp stove a pretty cool piece of kit.

My personal experience with our own biolite camp stove

My wife Bryoni and I lived on Bowen Island just of the coast of Vancouver for a number of years. During that time we lived through countless "power outs" during which we learnt the virtues of a good wood stove, However being inquisitive souls we got intrigued by the biolite camp stove and what this contraption is capable of, so we bought one of these stoves out of curiosity, Well I must say that after visiting the website and following all the instructions thereon we were both pretty impressed by the little orange guy - both with it`s build, quality and it`s performance. Granted, we were not in a life or death situation, but it really is a well constructed quality piece of equipment - albeit on the heavy side for regular camping trips - but the Biolite camp stove is undeniably a great standby at times of emergency.

Camp stoves on Amazon

Here is a selection of conventional gas camp stoves currently on Amazon

Do you have a view on the Biolite camp stove? - Good or bad all comments will be published!

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    • Nimblepins profile image

      Nimblepins 5 years ago

      well done on your new lens! This little stove really is useful