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Why Choose The Black Diamond Equipment Company For Outdoor Gear

Updated on May 5, 2016

Black Diamond - The Choice For Outdoor Gear

Black Diamond Equipment Company designs and makes nothing but outdoor equipment, safety devices and clothing. That's a number one reason to choose them for clothing or gear.

Gear and clothing that they themselves design and test before ever manufacturing it for sale.

Yes, it's True, They "real life" field test everything they make.

The picture at the top was taken outside of the company head quarter's with some of their employees. When I said they test what they build? See those snow covered mountains in the background? That's where the employees who design equipment, test their individual designs.

Building and testing what they make before they sell it? For us? Priceless.

Let's talk basic products - How about an Ice axe, or a Carabiner?

Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe with Grip, 55cm, Anodized Light Gray
Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe with Grip, 55cm, Anodized Light Gray

Everyone has their favorite this or that, mine is my Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe. I've used mine for years. it's easy to carry, whether traversing glacier fields or just plain mountaineering. It's one piece stainless steel head is a plus.

Evaluation: If you're looking for a great ice axe this one is for you.


These have a myriad of uses.

Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate Carabiner, Screwgate, Mocha With Assorted Sleeves
Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate Carabiner, Screwgate, Mocha With Assorted Sleeves

Not your typical carabiner. The Black Diamond Screwgate Carabiner is a step above the rest.

Evaluation: When I'm looking for something I can depend on to work when my life is on the line at the end of a rope? I want these Screwgate Carabiners Order a dozen for yourself today.

black diamond equipment crampon
black diamond equipment crampon

Black Diamond Crampons

The product that birthed a company:

It seems fittin to start by talking about the very product that birthed the Black Diamond Equipment Company---the crampon. Back in the 1950s, they were sold out of the back of a station wagon. From such humble beginnings, the Black Diamond Equipment Company was born.


One example of their crampons, is the Sabretooth. It's an industry leader and as such, is made from stainless steel. Why stainless? It's lighter and stronger.

Why use Stainless Steel?

Their choice to use stainless steel allowed them to make and sell inherently lighter crampon (about 8 oz a pair) , than the standard steel crampons on the market. There is nothing worse, than your legs becoming tired midway through the day from the climb, but your boots and a heavy set of crampons packed with snow and ice as well.

Stainless Steel is Stronger:

Stainless steel is stronger, will not rust, resists snow balling as well as ice buildup. Thus--- making it a more durable crampon that stays sharper longer. The smoother surface of the stainless steel crampons, sheds the ice and snow better than most any of their competitor's. In plain English, Black Diamond Equipment, has perfected a design and manufacturing process that allows their crampons to be lighter, far stronger and ultimately last longer than their competition.

Outperforming their competition is a Black Diamond Equipment Co. mainstay.

Stainless Steel Crampons - This product began a company

The ice crampon was the product that founded this company. The Black Diamond Company has grown much since then and has continued to make improvements and innovations over the years, The ice crampon however remains their 'signature' product.

Just The Best Ice Crampon Out There

Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro Crampons
Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro Crampons

I was looking for a set of crampons that were lightweight and had forward front points for digging. I mean really digging into an ice covered mountainside. I found the Sabretooth model, and the rest is history. I've had them for several years now and swear by them.

Evaluation: For the best crampon on the market? Buy the Sabretooth, they will be the last ice crampons you buy. Your order includes FREE Shipping too.


A Really Slim Backpack That Carries A Lot

Black Diamond Infinity 60 Backpack, Red Clay, Medium
Black Diamond Infinity 60 Backpack, Red Clay, Medium

The Infinity pack, once loaded? You will barely know it's there. Excellent for climbing or just plain multi-day trekking. I do both and I love this bag.

Evaluation: This is a bag with versatility and room to carry but does NOT feel like a huge pack. The infinity with it's endless adjustments for comforts may just be for you.

black diamond equipment
black diamond equipment

Climbing Harnesses

Simply the lightest and most comfortable out there

Ever wonder why most of the harness' on the market seem the same?

Mostly of the harnesses currently on the market are made from a single or even a double strand of narrow webbing. These same manufacturers, then add some thick heavy foam padding to alleviate pressure points. Does that sound pretty much like what you are currently using?

If there was something better would you buy it?

What if I told you that you could have a harness that is lighter, stronger and most of all, more comfortable? What if you could eliminate those pressure points common in most every harness on the market (including what you might own) by simply going to a Black Diamond Equipment trademark designed harnesses? A design so simple it's revolutionary. Their design eliminates the requirement for the heavy, thick foam padding. How they do this, is by Distributing the Load evenly throughout the harness's entire structure.

This new design created four new harnesses

The result of this designing, is the Ozone, Aura, Chaos, and Xenos lines of climbing harnesses: Harnesses that are dramatically more comfortable than any other harnesses currently being made. Black Diamond Equipment also utilized another simple concept, (only one of many trademarked innovations) the use of an internally-seamed edge to lessen the load distribution down to the central and lower edge webbing.

A simple and revolutionary design

Thus, the normal line of tension along the top edge is reduced. I told you it was simple. This makes a lighter harness, while allowing all the freedom of movement you want..

In a word, these harnesses are "Comfortable." Now why would you want anything else?

When You Talk Skiing Safety

The AvaLung Safety Device

An Innovation:

My last item for comparison today is in the category of wintertime skiing. There are too many Black Diamond Equipment Company products to cover, but I wanted to cover this particular item, due to it's innovation. Aside from manufacturing a phenomenal amount of skis, boots, bindings, poles, gloves, etc. The item I am talking about is called The AvaLung

A Significant Step in Safety:

The creation of this particular piece of equipment,(pictured above right) brings us to one of Black Diamond Equipment's most significant designs to date. An innovation so significant, that it makes it's entrance not just in the safety category, but in a category by itself. This device puts not only their design, but the Company itself, miles ahead of others in their field. The Black Diamond employees involved in creating this design, wanted to design something that they could help prevent something loss of life in the future. The idea for the AvaLung was created.

What does it take to survive?

Studies have proven, that if one survives the initial trauma of being buried in an avalanche? Then the approximate breathable airtime is about 15 minutes. What does that mean, the 15 minute time frame? That's the time it takes for the average person's breath to melt the snow around their face. In the photo at right, you can clearly see the "breathing tube" for the AvaLung. Very accessible and can be mounted on either the left or the right strap.

Once that snow melts?

It refreezes. When frozen, it blocks the oxygen properties of the snow and allows for a buildup of CO 2..After roughly 15 minutes, all breathable air is gone and the person dies from asphyxiation. However, with an AvaLung, you can extend your fresh air supply much further than the "typical" 15 minutes.

The AvaLung.

Is a leader and a "MUST HAVE" alpine safety tool for skiing in avalanche areas around the globe. If you Back Country Ski or if you are an "Extreme" skier?

Buy one, learn to use it, carry it every time. The life you save may be your own.

A Truly Innovative Life Saving device

Black Diamond Covert BD681125MRCBM_L1 Backpack with AvaLung & ergoACTIV, Blue
Black Diamond Covert BD681125MRCBM_L1 Backpack with AvaLung & ergoACTIV, Blue

The Black Diamond Covert Backpack comes in a just under 2 pounds. It is one of the most innovative devices on the market today, to enable a skier, snowboarder or even a snowmobiler to survive and avalanche.

Evaluation Never ski, snowboard or snowmobile in the back country without one of these. The life you save may be your own.


A Really Great Lightweight Climbing Helmet

Black Diamond Vapor Helmet, Steel Grey, Medium/Large
Black Diamond Vapor Helmet, Steel Grey, Medium/Large

I found this to be a lighter weight helmet than I was used to wearing and much more comfortable after a long day. It sit's lower on my head which is a plus.

Evaluation: If you want the best, buy a Black Diamond product. This is one of the best climbing helmets I have ever worn and they even throw in FREE Shipping

black diamond equipment
black diamond equipment

Here's how the AvaLung works

A Revolutionary concept and design

The AvaLung has a mouthpiece in which to breathe through. It's location is on the strap of the backpack. Easy to get to. This mouthpiece delivers fresh air and expels the CO2.

The fresh air is created by pulling it from the snow pack. Obtaining air from the snowpack, is accomplished by pulling the air through a bi-valve intake box. This box is located in the shoulder straps of the pack. Any exhaled CO2 is then directed away from your body through an exhaust port.

It's a simple and effective way of providing fresh air while awaiting rescue. There is no dangerous CO 2 to worry about and only fresh air to breath The AvaLung unit is available in a complete line of backpacks from Black Diamond Equipment.

A pack designed with Black Diamond's ergoACTIV suspension. Wearing this backpack with the AvaLung, still allows all the freedom of movement you need when down hilling or whipping through trees. You will feel completely at ease with this pack on your back.

The AvaLung is Revolutionary in design, for sure. But it's a remarkably simple and effective life saving device. Black Diamond Equipment continues is a market leader in design, safety and innovation, regardless of the product they build. Fresh ideas continue to spring from their employees as well as their CEO Peter Metcalf.

A truly visionary company.

Innovative and an Industry Leading 'First' - The AvaLung

FREE Shipping

black diamond equipment
black diamond equipment

In Closing Today

My thoughts about the Company

For those of you who read my blogs and follow my articles here, you know I never recommend anything I don't use or have not used. Nor, will I recommend a company I do not trust. Today's comparisons has been about a great company, the Black Diamond Equipment Company.

I have touched but a few items they design and manufacture. An outdoor equipment and manufacturer run by outdoor people who not only design and sell (what I consider among the finest outdoor equipment available), but they use these very items they design.

Pictured, is the entrance to their Salt Lake City Headquarters.


A Nice All Around Climbing Belt

Black Diamond Ozone Climbing Harness - Men's Lime Green Medium
Black Diamond Ozone Climbing Harness - Men's Lime Green Medium

Excellent, lightweight sport climbing belt. This is the most lightweight harness I have ever used and you will love it.

Evaluation: The sizes tend to run a bit small, so buy one size up from what you think you wear.


Questions or comments about Black Diamond Equipment....

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    • CampingmanNW profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @anonymous: Glad to help out. Thanks for the visit

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Funny I should read this. We came back from a fishing trip and were talking about how we need new backpacks, since ours are shot and outdated. Thanks for an informative lens

    • CampingmanNW profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @TransplantedSoul: Yes, Black Diamond is a leader in that respect. Thank you so much for your visit and your comments.

    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      5 years ago

      I have found the buying cheap low-end equipment does not pay off. Bklack Diamond is known for its quality.


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