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Boating Electronics - Boat Marine Electronics

Updated on January 9, 2013

If looking to buy the latest in boating electronics or navigational systems its important to first decide on the types of instruments that are needed. In view of the latest advances in technology there is a vast assortment of electronic units to satisfy the demands of even the most fanatical boater.

When buying boating electronics it might be wise a consider a GPS navigator system. These navigation units can help in getting from point A to point B with minimal effort - include inland or coastal color maps, speed, distance to destination, and much more. These units come a variety of sizes and styles; either handheld or fixed mounted, and it combo packages. Thus combining a GPS receiver, fishfinder, chartplotter, radar, and weather instrument in one compact unit. Costs can range from less than a hundred dollars for a entry level handheld to thousands of dollars for a combo fishfinder / chartplotter unit - ideal for offshore fishing trips.

If fishing is on the agenda it can be helpful to have a fishfinder. These sonar’s or echo sounders are able to give a graphical representation of what’s beneath the boat, including fish, structures, and vegetation. This makes it easier for the fisherman to scope out the fishing grounds to detect the presence of fish. Units can range from the basic models to suit the recreational fisherman on a freshwater lake to the high performance units designed for saltwater.

It might be a benefit to install an autopilot or auto helm device to the boat. These self-steering devices are able to hold a power or sailboat on a pre-determined course with minimal helm movements, so able to offer a accurate steering solution in cases of lacking a crew member. There is a wide variety of autopilots to meet a boaters needs - this makes it important to pick one that's recommended for the type of boat owned.

On vital piece of kit is the VHF radio. The modern VHF radios are compact, powerful, and often economical units that are readily available. Having a hand-held unit in addition to the fixed-mount radio onboard offers a degree of additional safety. These VHF (Very High Frequency) radios are able to offer two-way communication and a reliable range of 5 to 25 miles.

Whether its the latest in sonar fish finders, mapping software, handheld VHF radios, or GPS units its possible to choose from a vast choice of boating electronics to enhance the experience of the water craft enthusiast.


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