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Boilies Recipes for Carp Fishing

Updated on March 14, 2012

Boilies Recipes

One of the most important factors for successful carp fishing is having the appropriate bait. One of the best baits for carp fishing are boilies. Here are some recipes for boilies that you can prepare. I can tell you from personal experience that all recipes are successful so it is up to you to select the recipe you like best.

Recipe 1

Here is a recipe that most find funny, but try it out and then decide

10% wheat flour

25% wheat semolina

10% soybean flour

10% milk powder

10% food for birds (finely ground)

20% concentrate for feeding small calves (with as many proteins, also finely ground)

5% milled biscuit

10% white corn flour

Recipe 2

250 g cornmeal

250g fat soy flour

100g mixture of bird food

100g finely minced bird food

50g ptx protein

50 g yeast

100g milk protein

100g fine flour of corn

6 eggs

400ml amino complexes

20ml molasses

10 ml of soybean oil

2 tablespoons salt

15g of betaine HCI

4-6ml tutti frutti flavor

4-6ml sweeteners

Recipe 3

200g egg biscuit

50g PTX protein

25g flour tiger nut

100g flour of bird food

100g milk protein

200g semolina

50g of whole soybean flour

50g corn flour

50 g of liver powder

50 g yeast

100g egg powder

25g flour seaweed

6 eggs

2 teaspoons salt

30 ml of soybean oil

20ml CSL buttermilk corn

20ml multimino

6ml aromas of white chocolate

6ml sweeteners

Recipe 4

200g fat roasted soybeans

600g egg biscuit

200g cow milk

6 eggs

Vitamins and minerals (optional)

2 teaspoon salt

30ml sesame oil

10ml plum shellfish

6ml sweeteners

30ml amino attractors

Recipe 5

40% of ground trout pellets

10% soy flour

10% of semolina

10% of polenta

10% rye flour

5% carob flour

10% milk for calves

1 tablespoon of brewer's yeast

5% red Robin

Esterblend 12

Hemp oil

Sweet cajouser (Appetite stimulants)

Underwater Angling

If you have some other boilies recipes share them with us

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      Winny 2 years ago

      Would be good to see you over here for a vacation Neil. Definitely bring the rods. The piectrus are self-takes and I just upgraded my camera so I can do quicker shots on my own so the fish are only out of the water for a short time.