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Boston Red Sox

Updated on May 25, 2013

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are an official Major League Baseball Team that I love to watch! I am a die heart Red Sox fan and go to their games every year. I can't wait to be a part of Fenway Park's 100th year anniversary! The Red Sox had a bad season last year, coming 1 game away from the playoffs, but I believe that with a change in leaders, the Red Sox will reach the playoffs this year! I love the Red Sox and hope that you do too!

Positions for the Diamond

The catcher of the Red Sox will be Jarrod Saltalamacchia who had a good second half to the season.

The first baseman of the Red Sox will be A-Gon who was amazing all around with an average over .300

The second baseman of the Red Sox will be Dustin Pedroia, an inspiration for anyone

The shortstop of the Red Sox will probably be either Mike Aviles or Jose Iglesius. The Red Sox traded away Marco Scutaro and Jed Lowrie, two good shortstops so we are at a standstill.

The third baseman of the Red Sox will be Kevin Youkilis who could also play first base, walks a lot, and has a good average

The right fielder of the Red Sox be Cody Ross and/or Ryan Sweeney. They will probably platoon with each other.

The center fielder of the Red Sox will be Jacoby Ellsbury who had an amazing return from the DL last year!

The left fielder of the Red Sox will be Carl Crawford, but he will be on the DL for the first few weeks of the baseball season. Crawford had a terrible season at Fenway last year and was expected to be the rising star that he was at Tampa. With 6 more years left in his contract, he will get a total of 142 million dollars when he is a free agent again. So, Crawford has a lot of time (6 years) to prove himself in Boston's Fenway Park.

Here are all of the position players on the diamond (not including pitchers) for the Boston Red Sox.

Jacoby Ellsbury

Does the Red Sox's Playoff Spot Depend on Ellsbury's Batting Spot?

Jacoby Ellsbury was definitely one of the best Red Sox players this year (with respect to A-Gon who is also really good). Jacoby Ellsbury had over 200 hits, over 30 home runs, and over 100 RBIs! The only decrease in talent was his number of steals which was 39, but that dramatic drop (from 70 way back in 2009) could result from Ellsbury hitting 32 home runs instead of 8 home runs in 2009. These numbers are very impressive, and with 105 RBIs, Jacoby Ellsbury is our leadoff hitter.

Jacoby Ellsbury is our leadoff hitter. Well, what does that have to do with anything? Well, Jacoby Ellsbury is the first man up to the plate when every Red Sox game begins. So, in his first at-bat, Jacoby Ellsbury can only get an RBI if he hits a home run. A leadoff man who gets a single will not get an RBI since there was no one else on base. Dustin Pedroia is the next man up, and if he hits a double, Ellsbury is most likely to score on the play. That's an RBI for Pedroia, not Ellsbury. If the 9th hitter ends the inning, then Jacoby will be the leadoff hitter again and he can get a maximum of 1 RBI only if he hits a home run. Also, the 7-9 hitters of any team will not be as good as the first couple of hitters. That means that sometimes, Jacoby Ellsbury will be up in the middle of the inning with a few outs.

Now what does that mean? The above information is basically summarizing how a leadoff hitter lie Jacoby Ellsbury is unlikely to get a lot of RBIs or even pass 50 without moving up and down in the line-up. Jacoby Ellsbury always stayed in the leadoff spot for the year and got 105 RBIs. Now, let's say we could put runners on base for Jacoby Ellsbury even at his first at-bat. Maybe Pedroia on third and someone else on second. Now, if Jacoby Ellsbury hits even a single, he gets 1-2 RBIs depending on the runner on second base.

If Jacoby Ellsbury batted third, fourth, or even second, Ellsbury would have more people on base VS when he was a leadoff hitter. More base runners means more RBIs. A solo home run could become a three run home run. I know the numbers are really dramatic, but 105 RBIs for Ellsbury could easily change to over 120 RBIs for that season! With more than 30 home runs and more than 120 RBIs as well as speed, that makes Jacoby Ellsbury as good as or even better than Albert Pujols.

Wow! Slow down! Albert Pujols is an amazing player and one of the best in history! The lowest amount of home runs he hit in one season were 32. Albert Pujols also averages over 100 RBIs per season (except for last season when he got 99. Big deal!). However, Ellsbury would have just as many base runners as Pujols if he moved down in the line-up. The statistics for Pujols and Ellsbury right now are very biased because in Pujol's line-up spot, he is almost twice as likely to see a base runner on base than Jacoby Ellsbury. For example, say Pujols sees base runners 40% of the time. Ellsbury sees base runners only 20% of the time. That is a big difference in baseball. What if Ellsbury saw base runners 40% of the time just like Pujols?

I'm not saying Jacoby Ellsbury is going to hit 40-50 home runs this season. I'm just saying that he could have as many RBIs as Pujols, and Jacoby Ellsbury is definitely faster than Pujols. Also, last season, Jacoby Ellsbury got over 200 hits, but Pujols hasn't done that since 2003!

Even though Pujols is obviously more intimidating to a pitcher than Ellsbury, Pujol's OBP is not as high as Ellsbury's. The difference is a slim 10 points, (Pujols 366 and Ellsbury 376), but Pujols usually averages a .400 OBP every season. What does OBP mean? OBP means on base percentage. Pujols may get intentionally walked while Ellsbury won't.

Jacoby Ellsbury is already a really good player. The difference of making the Hall of Fame or not when he is retired COULD be where he is in the batting order.

Opening Day

Opening Day is on March 31, and I can't wait to see the Red Sox in action on the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park! Wally the Green Monster will be there, all of the players will be there throwing around the ball of the first time since September. My only question is, "Who throws the first pitch?" I have a feeling John Henry, owner of the Red Sox, might throw out the first pitch for Fenway Park's 100th Anniversary.

Josh Beckett

Josh Beckett had a CY Young Year and was on the money. With an ERA under 3 and being 1 hit away from a Perfect Game, Josh Beckett has become the star he once was in the 2007 Boston Red Sox Pitching staff. Red Sox fans loved him, and he beat down the Yankees really bad, going with a 14 inning streak of not giving up any runs to our AL East foe! Josh Beckett wasn't too good in the 2010 season, but he has bounced back and deserves to be the ace of the Boston Red Sox!


One of the biggest questions for the Red Sox offseason is, "Why did they trade both Marco Scutaro and Jed Lowrie?" I can understand trading Lowrie gave Boston a good reliever, but Lowire was a rising star. Also, Marco Scutaro delivers big in the clutch, and he got traded to Colorado. I don't know what we got from that, but I know the Red Sox have more money flexibility. However, the Red Sox haven't used much of their money yet, and we lost two good shortstops in the same offseason! I really hope Mike Aviles or Jose Igleusias come through for Red Sox shortstops, but I do miss Marco Scutaro. If the Red Sox go out and get Oswalt however, then I know the two trades were worth it.

Are You Excited About Opening Day?

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Red Sox Beat the O's

Wahoo! I looked at the scores at the bottom of my TV Screen (of course I was watching MLB Network) and I saw that the Red Sox won 5-4. Jacoby Ellsbury was 1 for 2 with a double (again, his batting spot is important) and the Red Sox got a good win. I don't know too much about that game because I focus on Opening Day and games in the season, but it was good to see the Red Sox take down the O's, the team that beat them in Game 162.

Red Sox Back In Action

Wahoo! Spring Games are now live! They aren't like Opening Day and the competition isn't too fierce, but any game of Baseball is amazing. The Red Sox face off of the Twins and will hopefully win! Let's Go Red Sox! Let's win Spring Training Game No. 1!

Dustin Pedroia

Before he became the second baseman of the Boston Red Sox, this right handed hitter had a lot of critics who said he was too slow, too weak, and too small. Dustin Pedroia proved all of those critics wrong and is now one of the most passionate and energetic Red Sox players ever. During one game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Dustin Pedroia played for the entire game, even in extra innings. In the end, Dustin Pedroia hit an RBI single in the 18th inning that won the game for the Red Sox. Dustin Pedroia is very durable and will play the entire game to the last play. If Dustin Pedroia bats lead off this season, the Red Sox will be a transformed team.

Carl Crawford

There is hope!

Every Red Sox fan nows that Crawford had a bad start in the 2011 season, and now he is likely to miss 4-6 weeks of the season. We also gave him 7 years and 142 million, and Crawford didn't impress anyone during that first year. However, despite how bad he was, I think that Crawford will have a big bounce back season. First, we have to consider where he was from. Before the Red Sox signed him to the mega deal of the decade, Crawford played for the Rays in Tropicana Field (very warm). Then, Crawford played in Boston and was engulfed by the media. New places and events tend to startle anyone upon first sight. So, Crawford didn't do too good, but he did especially bad in April when the Red Sox had that 2-10 slump. Why am I pointing this out? Well, anyone that lives in Boston should know that the weather is still cold at April. Crawford showed off some of his Tampa Bay Ray talent around summer-when it was warm outside (he wasn't going 4 for 4, but he would have some 3 for 4 games with 1 for 4 games). A player can be emotionally affected when he does not do good at the plate. Look at Adam Dunn. The man who hits 40 home runs in Washington can't get a .200 average for Chicago. Crawford won't be playing much in April, but he will come back at around May where the temperature is warm. Crawford won't be discouraged from his terrible April because he won't have that experience this year. Carl Crawford now knows what the honor of playing in America's Most Beloved Ballpark feels like. Yes, I know Crawford did terrible last year, but he won't do so bad again.

Opening Day

The Red Sox took on the Tigers on Opening Day. Jon Lester faced off against Justin Verlander in what was the funnest Opening Day game ever. Even though the Red Sox lost 3-2, it was a fun game filled with excitement and last drama.

Jon Lester

Let's start off this game review with Jon Lester. Lester had an epic duel with Justin Verlander, and none of the two got the win. Lester gave up only 1 run in 7 innings while giving up 3 walks. Those statistics could have given Lester an easy win, but he was facing the MVP, CY Young Winner and the pitcher who threw two no-hitters, Justin Verlander. He pitched 8 masterful innings giving up no runs in the process. Jon Lester had a good bounce back based on last season with a low 1.29 ERA. It is the first game of the season, but anyone would take a 1.29 ERA.

How The Tigers Got Their Runs

Prince Fielder had a good game with the Tigers, and singled in his first at bat. Prince Fielder went on to bring a batter home with a sacrifice fly out, but before that, it was Alex Avila's RBI Double in the seventh inning. Avila's double broke a scoreless tie, and that wasn't good for the Red Sox because they needed to get runs fast, and Verlander wasn't going to give it to them without a fight.

How The Red Sox Got Their Runs

In the 9th inning, Justin Verlander was taken out of the game and replaced by closer, Jose Valverde. When Valverde came in, I saw that Big Papi was coming up, and I remembered the 4-3 victory that Boston had because of his home run against Valverde next year. The events didn't happen like that however. Dustin Pedroia had a brave at bat and hit every ball he could. He made Valverde use a lot of pitches, and then Pedroia got a double. Then, A-Gon hit a single, and Pedroia stayed at third. It looked like a classic moment for Big Papi to hit a three run home run. A-Gon was replaced by Darnell McDonald, a fast runner. Big Papi won't be able to hit a home run every time you ask for one, but he did his part and hit a sacrifice fly out to center field. Dustin Pedroia tagged up and scored. The score was 2-1. Then, Ryan Sweeney came up to the plate after Youkilis got out. Sweeney, the new Red Sox, represented their only hope. Darnell McDonald stole second during Sweeney's at bat, but that wouldn't be necessary. Ryan Sweeney hit an RBI Triple when it mattered the most. Cody Ross would get out and then the inning would be over, but it was a 2-2 tie heading to the bottom of the 9th inning.

The Moment of The Game

In the bottom of the 9th inning, the Red Sox bullpen could not get the job done. Mark Melancon gave up two singles. Then Alfredo Aceves came in, hit a batter, and then Austin Jackson hit an RBI single with the bases loaded. The Tigers won 3-2, but it was anyone's game, and extra innings were well on their way. The Red Sox entered Opening Day with a loss, and their record is now 0-1. However, they faced Verlander for 8 of the innings. That won't happen again for a while.

Boston Red Sox VS Toronto Blue Jays

April 9, 2012

The Red Sox would have been 0-4 if they lost to the Blue Jays, but no one could have taken it any longer considering the fact that the Red Sox had a 2-10 start in April. However, the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 4-2, but the Red Sox were 3 outs away from another disappointing loss. The Red Sox bats were silenced during the beginning. The Red Sox didn't get a runner on scoring position until the 5th inning when Ryan Sweeney hit a ground-rule double moving Cody Ross to third. None of the two runs would come in, and it looked like a re run of the past.

Scoring Plays

Toronto Blue Jays:

In the bottom of the third inning, new Red Sox pitcher Felix Doubront was having a good outing and was dismantling the Blue Jays. However, only two innings of baseball had been played, and the Blue Jays wouldn't be denied of runs again in the third inning. After a triple by Colby Rasmus and a walk by Yunel Escobar, Kelly Johnson reached on a fielder's choice, and the runner on third scored. Felix Doubront threw the baseball home, but at a close play at the plate, Rasmus was called safe, and the Blue Jays were winning 1-0.

Toronto Blue Jays:

The Blue Jays weren't done there. In the bottom of the third inning after Doubront got Jose Bautista to fly out to Ryan Sweeney, Edwin Encarnacion hit a single to left field and brought in another run. Toronto led 2-0, but that was the last run Doubront and the Red Sox bullpen would allow.

Boston Red Sox:

In the top of the 6th inning, the clock was ticking, and something had to be done to give the Red Sox some momentum. When the Red Sox needed this motivation, the little man with a big heart, Dustin Pedroia stepped up to the plate. MLB Network perfectly states during the at-bat, "Dustin Pedroia looks serious." Was he serious? Oh yes he was because Pedroia hit his first solo home run of the year. It was a blast to left center field, and the Red Sox were only one run away from tying the Tornoto Blue Jays

Boston Red Sox:

In the 9th inning, the Red Sox were still down 2-1. Every hitter for the Boston Red Sox had a chance to bring their team to victory, and as the pressure was built, Red Sox players delivered. Dustin Pedroia started the inning off with a lead-off double and took third base on a wild pitch. That was all A-Gon needed because he hit a sacrifice fly out to left field. The baseball was deep enough for Dustin Pedroia to make the run home. At last, the Red Sox were tied with the Blue Jays, but a team that thirsted for its first win was not done yet.

Boston Red Sox:

After Kevin Youkilis struck out, there were two outs, and an extra innings game looked to be on its way. Besides, the Red Sox did play an extra inning game the day before which was on Easter Sunday against the Detroit Tigers. However, like a pebble skips in the water, the Red Sox got runners on the bases, and more runs came about. David Ortiz got walked on 5 pitches, and then Cody Ross was walked as well. Since David Ortiz is the DH and was caught stealing in the 7th inning didn't make him the fastest player on the Red Sox. Instead, Darnell McDonald took his place as a pinch runner. The change proved to work after Ryan Sweeney hit an RBI single to right field. Darnell McDonald ran home, and the Red Sox finally had a lead. Ryan Sweeney advanced to second on the throw and Cody Ross got to third base on the hit.

Boston Red Sox:

The 4th run for the Red Sox wasn't on a hit or a walk. Sergio Santos threw a wild pitch, and Cody Ross ran to home plate on the play. Ryan Sweeney got on third base on the play, but no other Red Sox runs were scored. Jarrod Saltalamacchia drew a walk and Mike Aviles grounded out.

The Moment of the Game

I am well aware that Ryan Sweeney's RBI single gave the Red Sox the lead, but Alfredo Aceves had something to prove. Aceves had choked when it mattered the most against the Tigers. Aceves got through a 1, 2, 3 9th inning. Aceves rebounded from his bad relief appearance in grand fashion and helped the Red Sox win 4-2 against the Toronto Blue Jays.

100th Game Opener at Fenway Park

Fenway Park hosted its 100th game opener as the Red Sox played and defeated the Rays 12-2. Key players for the Red Sox stepped up today including Josh Beckett who gave up only 1 run in 8 innings of baseball. The Red Sox offense overpowered David Price, the Rays best pitcher, and the Rays bullpen stood no match to flaring Red Sox bats.

Scoring Plays

Innings 2-4

Despite winning 12-2, the Red Sox weren't going to make the first move in this game. In the second inning, the Rays got their first run of the ballgame, and it was another "Oh no" moment.

Second Inning-Rays Run:

Jeff Keepinger doubles and brings in Ben Zobrist who ran from first base all the way to home plate on the play. Three consecutive ground outs prevents Keepinger from scoring that inning. Rays lead 1-0.

Third Inning-Red Sox Run:

With the bases loaded, Red Sox nation knew that if A-Gon made contact with the baseball, the Red Sox would be tied or would have taken the lead at that moment. With Jacoby Ellsbury on second base, a second run looked likely if A-Gon hit a single. Well, that is what A-Gon did. He hit a single on a ground ball to left fielder, Matt Joyce. ells bury did not score on that play because Matt Joyce was in a good position to get Ellsbury out if he went for home. Red Sox and Rays were then tied at 1.

Third Inning-Red Sox Run:

Jacoby Ellsbury wouldn't stay at third base for too long. Kevin Youkilis hit a sacrifice fly, and Ellsbury scored on the play. Dustin Pedroia got on third base on the play, and the Red Sox now had a 2-1 lead against the Rays.

Third Inning-Red Sox Runs:

The last run of the third inning came from Big Papi, but in the most unlikely way possible. David Ortiz hit the baseball weakly over to Evan Longoria who couldn't make any play. The fast Dustin Pedroia ran home on the play and was safe. The Red Sox wouldn't score any more runs that inning due to a double play, but the Red Sox had a decent 3-2 lead.

Fourth Inning-Red Sox Runs:

Kelly Shoppach hit a double after Mike Aviles led the inning off with an out. Jacoby Ellsbury hit an RBI single to bring Shoppach in. The inning ended on a double play, but that was when a terrible malefactor happened.

The Double Play

The double play in the fourth inning involved Jacoby Ellsbury trying to steal second. In this case, either the second baseman or the shortstop is supposed to run for second base in case the catcher throws the ball to get the runner out. This happened, but Pedroia hit the ball right to the player at the second base bag. The double play went out like normal, but the player whom stepped on second base jumped over Ellsbury, and Ellsbury was right underneath the jumping player. Jacoby Ellsbury's shoulder got bruised up bad in the play, and he might miss a few games. With Jacoby Ellsbury, the Red Sox premier player injured, the Red Sox needed to show that they could get runs without him if the malefactor occurred yet again.

Look at the picture of Dustin Pedroia. Imagine if Dustin Pedroia was directly above the runner without the split legs. Pedroia would land directly on the runner. That's what the Rays player did to Ellsbury, and it hurt a lot.

The Famous 8th Inning

After the 4th inning, the Red Sox only got one runner on scoring position, and that attempt to bring the runner in ended in misfortune. Red Sox hitters really needed to show Red Sox Nation that they could win without Ellsbury since he was taken out of the game and wasn't looking ready to play for awhile. The Red Sox showed that they could do this accomplishment in the 8th inning, when they hit the Rays all over the ballpark, and they never looked back.

After a double and two walks, the bases were loaded. Kelly Shoppach, a new player for the Red Sox was looking forward to doing some good damage. Shoppach's opportunity to make an impact on Red Sox Nation was all there, and he didn't miss his chance. On the first pitch of the at-bat, Kelly Shoppach took Joel Peralta to left field for a double. Two runners came in on the play, and the Red Sox were winning 6-2.

With runners in scoring position, the Red Sox didn't know what done meant. Ryan Sweeney hit an RBI single that scored in two runs for the Red Sox, and Sweeney advanced to second base on the throw. After a pair of singles from Dustin Pedroia and A-Gon, Ryan Sweeney would find himself touching home plate when Kevin Youkilis hit a two run single. Dustin Pedroia scored on the play from second base, and the Red Sox had a comfortable 10-2 lead.

That lead in the 8th inning was a good lead right then and there to use to win a ball game, but with a week of regret and disappointment, the Red Sox were still not done. They had to prove their talent and revive their legacy on the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park. David Ortiz followed up Kevin Youkilis' RBI single with an RBI double that brought in A-Gon. The Red Sox were winning 11-2, but with runners in scoring position, the Red Sox were still not done.

The Red Sox last run in the 8th inning came on a sacrifice fly off the bat of Cody Ross. Kevin Youkilis would score on the play. Who cares that Melancon gave up a solo home run to Ben Zobrist in the 9th inning, the Red Sox dominated and won by a final score of 12-2!

The moment of the game is the Red Sox working as a team for Fenway's 100th opener. The Red Sox shined that game and gave their fans a lot to talk about, a second win.

Red Sox Surpass Rays Again With Offense

The Red Sox won by a final score of 13-5 on April 14, 2012, which was the second game of a three game series for Fenway Park's Opener. The Red Sox have gained two games on the Rays in the standings and are heading close to a .500 winning percentage. The Red Sox smashed 5 home runs and Big Papi drove in 5 runs in the process. Clay Buchholz struggled in the first inning, but he cooled down afterwards and only allowed 1 run for the next 6 innings and helped to keep the Red Sox's steady lead against the rival Rays.

Rays Strike First Again

On the second game of the three game series, the Rays once again got the first runs. A couple of base runners led up to an RBI double and a 3 run blast from Luke Scott. The Rays had a 4-0 lead in the Top of the first inning. The game looked like another crisis, but Buchholz held his own and didn't let his first inning choke up affect his entire game.

Scoring Plays

After the first inning, the Rays were winning 4-0, but the Red Sox never give up, especially at Fenway Park.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia hit a two run home run, and the Red Sox were a mere two runs away from tying the Rays. Luke Scott already did damage to Boston with his three run homer, but he wasn't done. In the third inning, the inning after Saltalamacchia's blast, Luke Scott hit an RBI double that brought in Matt Joyce who got on base with a walk. The Rays were winning 5-2, and the Red Sox weren't looking good.

When the Red Sox were down, any little play in the game could make a difference. A small man was responsible for the play, but it was a big one. Dustin Pedroia, the motivator of the Red Sox (also known as the energizer bunny) hit a solo home run to left field. Pedroia's second home run of the season put the Red Sox only 2 runs away from the Rays. The Red Sox were losing 5-3, but they had momentum.

The Red Sox had a good chance to score in the 4th inning, but it never came. However, the 5th inning was full of opportunity, and Big Papi was the center of the action. With Youkilis on first base, Big Papi took Red Sox Nation deep to right center field where he hit his first home run of the season. The Red Sox and Rays were tied at 5. With a tie, Buchholz got comfortable on the mound and did not give up a run for the rest of the game.

The Red Sox had 5, and the Ray had 5 as well, but the Red Sox were ready to advance. All of the drama happened late in the game. In the 7th inning, Mike Aviles led the charge with a solo shot to lead off the inning. Eventually, after a string of batters, the bases were loaded, and Cody Ross got two RBIs, bringing in A-Gon and Kevin Youkilis on the play. A-Gon got on base with a double while Youkilis walked. Big Papi was also on base due to a single, so he ended up on third base. The Red Sox had a 8-5 lead heading to the 8th inning.

The Red Sox weren't done yet. The bases were all loaded up in the 8th inning. With two outs, the Red Sox needed a power hitter to give them some good insurance. That power hitter was Big Papi, David Ortiz, who hit a 3 run bases clearing double to give the Red Sox an 11-5 lead. Cody Ross followed up on Big Papi's double with a home run that scored two runs and gave the Red Sox a 13-5 win.

The Red Sox did have a slow 1-5 start, but it is nothing as bad as the 2-10 start. It is the same winning percentage, but earlier in the season where the Red Sox have a chance to make a quicker comeback. The Red Sox will go far in this season.

What Is It With The 8th Inning At Fenway?

For the past two games, the Red Sox have scored exactly 5 runs in the 8th inning of two games of the three game series against the Rays for Fenway Park's 100th Opener. I am wondering if the Red Sox will be a comeback team and then cruise past their rivals in the 8th inning similar to the Reds when they made the playoffs.

Red Sox Beat Rays

On April 15, 2012, during the first series of Fenway Park's 100th Anniversary, and the Red Sox pleased their fans with another win by the final score of 6-4. The Red Sox struck first with three runs, and they never looked back.

Scoring Runs

The Red Sox got their runs quick in the second inning. Kevin Youkilis started the inning with a single, and then David Ortiz hit a double. With runners in scoring position, Cody Ross came up to the plate and smashed a three run home run over the Green Monster. The Red Sox were winning 3-0 in the second inning, and they never looked back.

The Red Sox got their next run in the 4th inning when Kelly Shoppach hit his third double of the season to left field. David Ortiz scored on the play, but when Cody Ross tried to score, he was gunned out at the plate.

The Rays were down 4-0 in the 5th inning, but then they slowly got up on an overconfident Red Sox team. Two singles were followed up with two doubles, and the Rays were only down by 1.

In the 6th inning, Luke Scott would continue to do damage to the Sox by hitting his second home run to right center field. The Rays and Sox were tied at 4, and Felix Doubront, the pitcher of the Red Sox was replaced by Scott Atchison.

In the 6th inning, a rejuvenated Red Sox team came up to bat with a quest to score runs and sweep the Rays. Big Papi, who had done a lot of damage to the Rays prior to today's game was about to unload. With Kevin Youkilis on first base, Big Papi hit an RBI double to center field bringing in the Red Sox's 5th run of the game.

Mike Aviles hit a solo home run in the bottom of the 7th inning. Mike Aviles' home run put the Red Sox ahead 6-4, and that was the final score of the game. The Red Sox are beating the Rays at Fenway Park, and many more Red Sox wins will follow.

First Shutout and .500 Record

Jon Lester was dominant against the White Sox giving up only 5 hits and 1 walk while striking out 7 White Sox batters in 7 innings of work. The bullpen came in and did the job leading to a Red Sox win of 1-0. Jake Peavy for the White Sox pitched a complete game and gave up only 1 run, but he was given a loss. Small things like your first win makes a big difference and boosts your confidence (look at the Red Sox when they beat the Twins), and those small things can lead to a big difference. A-Gon would hit an RBI single which would help the Red Sox win 1-0. The funny thing is that every state of controversy and anger with Bobby Valentine has disappeared (at least in my household). I think that the Red Sox are a new team, and last year, they were at .500 with a 20-20 record or something along those lines. The 2012 Red Sox have a .500 record at 10-10 which is before the start of May.

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