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Bowflex Home Gym Equipment

Updated on September 18, 2014

Why are the Bowflex home gyms so popular?

What sets a Bowflex home gym apart from the competition is that it features cables and power rods rather than solid weights. These rods provide a smooth and stable resistance training which is more lenient on joints and ligaments than lifting free weights.

Everything is self-contained in the machine and you simply choose your weight by hooking rods. A free weight gym requires you to keep additional parts lying about.

Regardless of whether you want to achieve more strength or you just want to tighten and tone your body, the Bowlfex fitness machines will do the job.

affordable home gym
affordable home gym

PR1000 Bowflex Gym for Everyday Use

The PR1000 is a affordable home gym which allows you to do 30 different exercises that can be isolation as well as the compound exercises. The level of resistance can be adjusted from 5 pounds to 210 pounds. The best part of this kind of gym is that even though it offers a lot of resistance, the whole machine is lightweight compared to a free weight machine.

Who is the PR1000 Bowflex home gym for?

This is the ideal fitness machine for everyone who wants to build strength, from beginner to enthusiast. Anyone who wants to do their workout in the privacy of their own home will also gain from motivation of having it ready to use nearby.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Add-on resistance rods

Bowflex 410-Pound Rod Upgrade
Bowflex 410-Pound Rod Upgrade

410 pounds is more than enough, perhaps even too much, for body toning and buildup. If you are already big though, this may be what you need to make the gym truly challenging

Be sure to check that your Bowflex gym is up-gradable with more resistance weights. (The PR1000 for instance in not)


A Home Gym for The Body Builder - Bowflex Extreme

Bowflex x-treme 2 home gym machine
Bowflex x-treme 2 home gym machine

If you are already in good shape and want to add bulk and fine tune your muscles, the Bowflex Extreme 2 is the machine for you. It is sold with the standard 210 pound resistance but easily upgrades a 410 pound resistance for under 100 dollars.

Xtreme 2SE - Complete Gym for Home Use Gym

Upper body exercise example
Upper body exercise example

A home gym is a pretty big and expensive piece of equipment, and you probably don't want to have more than one. You want to choose a kit that offers you the chance to train all muscle groups.

A gym machine like the Bowflex replaces the majority of free weight stations you pass through in a regular gym. Multi-use ankle cuffs, hand grips and a sliding seat are other features that makes a home gym more versatile and complete than the average fitness machine.

The classic upper body exercises you can do include shoulder press, cross over, seated rear deltoid rows, inclined bench press, and declined bench press, etc. You can also do the standard leg press, calf raises, leg extensions, seated lat arrows, and more.

Those are all classic exercises that build muscle tone but the cable and flex rod system lets you improvise in any way you want. You can even train for specific sports - pull and extend muscles for archery, or the specialized muscle groups for golf swing.

Do you train regularly?

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      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Well in our house there is a ton of exercising going on - my boys are big into working out - mom needs to follow suit!